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August 25, 2009


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Philip France

Great job, Selwyn.

As usual, I wish to add a few things.

I have been listening to The Savage Nation dutifully and faithfully since just after the '04 elections. I have never once heard him say on the air that he is Jewish. I supposed that he is so because he frequently cites the Bible, yet only quotes Old Testament verses but that is beside the point.

Michael Savage is Jewish by ancestry but he is a secular Jew at best and still one with a very keen sense of the passages that he reads from The Bible (again, Old Testament). This "ancestry" aspect is frightening when you think of the original intentions of Charles Darwin, Adolph Hitler and Margaret Sanger, all stone-hearted racists and eugenicists.

Yet I am still beside the greater point that your article alludes to: The obliteration from the public square of sensible debate.

The ideological Left cannot compete with the fact and truth-based ideals of the Right. Their only responses, therefore, are lies and ridicule. How mature. How effective.

I have frequently been called a racist; a sexist and a homophobe. I am none of the above and I have substantial credentials that prove my position but infantile leftists know that this bell cannot be unwrung.

My retort to them is this: In this earthly existence, you might (through your childish refusal to acknowledge truth) win every battle, but you WILL lose the war. Escrito esta (it is written).


Mr. Savage is fighting an impossible battle to win, he is up against the British government, the American media as well as the American government, in my opinion. To add to the load, his peers do not support or even acknowledge him or his contribution to the movement. I actually feel pity for Mr. Savage, because he truly should be elevated beyond anyone on the talk radio scene now, but I suppose true geniuses are never really acknowledged until after they have passed on.


L, you are right, Savage may not win this fight but his loss is not just his but the "free worlds."

"To add to the load, his peers do not support or even acknowledge him or his contribution to the movement."

This is sad although a bit self inflicted. Savage is probably the most brilliant mind of all talk show hosts. His gift of intellect almost presents itself as an artist. However, like many exceptional minded people he is a bit on the eccentric side. Some find it entertaining and some find it offensive. This eccentricity makes him an easy target for the Jackie Smiths of the world and his Firebrand demeanor keeps at arms length other conservative talk show hosts. These hosts have their career in mind when they fail to associate with or defend him. Also I have a hunch, that each of them knows that he is their intellectual superior and that they fear in him as well.

Savage was the first to turn the proverbial flag upside down warning against the clear and present dangers the far left present to our nation and its freedom; for that I salute him.


yep the michael savage who declared the aclu was out to kill us., the savage who reckons the problem with mainstream media is women, and the savage who thinks white males should start a revolution.

that's in the past 5 days! I dont think the poms should have banned him, as they say let a fool talk and take away all question about whether he is a fool.

Philip France

Dear Yoyo,

It is abundantly evident that you do not actually listen to Dr. Savage but you read what others say about him. This is the epitome of intellectual dishonesty and you should b ashamed of yourself for being so vacuous and so shallow. In my experiences debating you, I have found that you are the ultimate cheap-shot artist. You are the one who farts in an elevator and immediately declares, “it wasn’t me”.

Dr, Michael Savage is the only voice of realism that I have discovered in broadcast media. I have obtained a university-level education at his feet for three hours a day since 2004. He speaks the Truth and many times the Truth hurts.

May I ask you honestly: Why do you post here? Selwyn Duke is a frequent guest on The Savage Nation. He is one of several intellectuals that are regularly invited to speak on his program. Could it be that you are merely an agitator against the Truth and for a morally-centered society? Surely you are drawn to something here. Perhaps the clarion of Truth beckons you. If so, I say “welcome aboard”.

PS I see that the links that you have posted are courtesy of Media Matters for America. Do you not realize that this group is hopelessy radical, extremely one-sided and funded by perhaps the most evil and nefarious man on the face of the earth? Is that the company you wish to keep?

By their fruits ye shall know them.


oh philip, you are getting a little hot under your polyester collar, taking your points in a kind of order. I dont like michael savage but but the pieces i have objection to are in his own voice, his own words NOT transcripts or assessments.
2. I haven't sunk to the ad hominum attack because i haven't needed to.
3. no I dont find you particularly challenging but i dont mind debating with selwyn (I'm sure he doesn't really need nothing but kiss bottom comments by you).
4. yes (as you said about me) I do support a morally centred society, I may not agree with you on how that is to be obtained but unlike your comments I'm not scared to discuss it.

5. Of course Media Matters is political, as is Pajamas media or Fox media, I read them all when i have time, as a suggestion it is a useful process to read from both sides of the library particularly when Americans have such a partisan system. You do realise that you cant get germs from a website? (although free republic and hal turner may be the examples that disprove my case).

6. finally, if you really dislike me soooooo much you can either chose not to respond or ask the sites owner to ban me. I dont mind mind sparing with you for a while.



Your retort is vapid at best.


Philip France

“I dont like michael savage but but the pieces i have objection to are in his own voice, his own words NOT transcripts or assessments.”

You cite “pieces” and that is exactly what they are. Listeners of Michael Savage know that he is a master of stream-of-consciousness dialogue. He often flits from subject to subject to subject painting with broad brush-strokes and then fill in the details and close the circle. As such, a lesser mind can isolate parts of his diatribes and twist them to “prove” a point that was none of his intention.

“I haven't sunk to the ad hominum attack”

Oh no? What do you call THIS, then?: “(I'm sure he doesn't really need nothing but kiss bottom comments by you).”. Hypocrite.

“I do support a morally centred society”

And from whence is your morality derived? Yourself? Your Marxist Sociology Professor? Al Gore? Janine Garafalo? Bill Maher? Keith Olbermadmann?

“as a suggestion it is a useful process to read from both sides of the library”

Are you contending that I don’t? If so, you are terribly wrong to have made this assumption and assertion.

“finally, if you really dislike me soooooo much you can either chose not to respond or ask the sites owner to ban me.”

Why do you presume that I dislike you? Quite the opposite. In fact, I wish for you the admonition from Holy Scripture God’s desire that “all men be saved AND come to a knowledge of the truth”. No I do not dislike you and again, shame on you for presuming my thoughts and motives (and getting them wrong along the way). I dislike your socio-political acumen and your drive-by style and frequent cheap shots. However, you are a child of God and precious to Him.

One last point: “You do realise that you cant get germs from a website?” Of course, but you would do well to heed this warning: If you stick your head in a snake-pit often enough, you WILL get bitten.

Philip France

Post script:

"you can either chose not to respond or ask the sites owner to ban me.”

I would NEVER, EVER seek to have you or anyone else "banned". Unlike the intolerant left, I understand perfectly well why freedom of speech is Constitutionally protected in its FIRST amendment. Freedom of speech is a human right handed down by the Almighty God and I would lay down my life to protect yours.


Yo... Yo....yoyo,

You just might try to listen to Savage rater then just grabbing your info from your leftist propaganda machine. Heck I listened to Ed Shultz for quite a while (b4 he got pulled for lack of ratings). I just wanted to find out what made people act and think so backwards and illogical. Michel Savage is not my hero but I think he is right, "liberalism is a mental disorder." I will give you a pass however because apparently you are not from here (otherwise I am not condemning you as insane).

You accused Philip of following talking points. Really we have none! All of this craziness you get from us comes honestly...inspired by the Constitution and the American way. When I say American way, I mean the ideal that was set by our founders and those who followed that believed all men are created equal, and that a small government means more freedom. They also believed that equality comes from the creator and not from the almighty government.

Savage may be mean and a bit gruff but he has not called for one man to take up arms against another. He has not declared the black man, red man or the yellow man inferior or bad in any way; nor does he believe it to be so. He is not at all a racist, bigot or a sexist as you little lockstep source might tell you. Try listening to him just for a couple of days. They tape delay him in my market so I hear him once a month or so and when I do I count it a treat. I never change my views when I listen to him; only find a kindred soul.

Sel Nguyen Duc

Maybe the Savage Weiner could find out who did this horrible act of cyberterror and sue the pants off them. He could collect money from his fans to bank roll the project and then if he gets an award, well maybe he could buy himself another boat.

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