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September 30, 2009


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The first thought that entered my mind when reading this was the case of John Demjanjuk. After 40 years he(Demjanjuk) was sentenced to death by the Israeli court for being "ivan the terrible". After a heroic effort by Congressman James Trafficant, Demjamjuk was proven innocent and released from death row. A few years later the nazi hunters went after him again based on the same false evidence as the first trial..this time however hes accused of being an accessory to murder beacause he was a guard at a death camp. I am not sure but am willing to wager few of the hollywood elite give a rat's arse about this guy. I guess you have to rape little girl's to be highly valued by the left.


Sahun concluded, "I guess you have to rape little girl's to be highly valued by the left."

Or a little boy in the case of "Safe Schools Czar" Jennings



I had yet to hear of this guy you mentioned until I passed over an article on a different site. What a piece of filth. The only upside to this madness is the increased level of imcompentence and immorality that surrounds this administration. Nothing suprises me anymore, I just hope this trend continues and more American's keep getting angry.

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