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September 16, 2009


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I agree Bruce. Obama does not have the physical attributes at this time to be Supreme Leader. However, he does have some very liquid assets, with which he can attempt to destroy morale and imply approval of his totalitarian goals.

1) He has the IRS. The tax code is the most convoluted and least understood pile of documents in the history of mankind. He can and will, through his minions, use the IRS to further complicate small business and de-incentivize natural productivity and innovation (I will get back to this later). The tax code in its liquid ambiguity makes every producer a criminal in some way.
Ayn Rand said,

"The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws."

The IRS is ready made for selective torture of the producers. This tactic can result low morale of the producers. We need to resist the low morale and as Patrick Swaziee said in the movie Red Dawn, "Let it turn to something else."

2)Control of banks- Over the last couple years the US gov't has stripped huge amounts of wealth from the real estate sector, using Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac as a giant false market (of course with its roots in altruism). Some would call it a fiasco and some a failure of capitalism. I call it a successful Ponzi scheme by the left. I do not think those in charge were so stupid as not to see the ramifications of their actions; this was planed. Also, I do not think the major players like Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, did it for simple financial gain (although they did bennifit bigtime). They did it for themselves and their party’s power continuum, and to bring the financial sector one step closer to pure fascism, which is "private" business under full authority of government, or socialism with a veneer of capitalism. This was very successful. Not only did the largest, most diverse, purely American, business sector get stripped of its wealth and beyond (the real estate market and connected industries), but the government seized (for all intents and purposes) the largest banks and title insurance businesses. They leveraged this fascistic control to break the competition and it worked (unlike FDR's attempt to break Ford during the Great Depression, when Chrysler, GM and USA dabbled in fascism). That is the story of past and present, but the future does not look much better. With full control of the purse strings the Obama admin can, and is, pulling the puppet master strings to artificially stimulate markets (artificial stimulation always ends in real collapse). For instance Cash for Clunkers, based upon ecological altruism, stimulated the sale of 666,666 (a warning from God?) cars and consumer debt that otherwise would not have been. What will the ramifications to this "shot of crack cocaine" be to the car industry? Based upon history, I would say a mini Fannie Mae. Long story short, with this kind of government interference in the private sector an intelligent person that understands markets can crush whatever sector they wish and create whatever sector they wish (see #4 The Red Green show).

3) The Federal Reserve the Fed is not owned by the US government although the owners allow the appearance of such; it is a parasite-host relationship, and neither knows which is which. The way the Fed has operated over the last decades has been anti-capitalist. The free market has not been allowed to function as the "Laws of Nature" would dictate. Rather, interest rates and supplies of currency have been manipulated to suit the end desires of whoever stands behind the curtain. Although the Fed's "Dark Masters" may not love Obama they will pull the strings together, further enriching the Fed and further empowering Obama and his minions, in a similar manor to the IRS.

4) The "Red" "Green" show- The green movement based upon the 21st centuries largest marketing campaign, "Global Warming" gives Obama supreme rein (control of energy) if we do not stand in his way. I, and most of the scientific community have concluded that anthropological global warming is purely false and a generated crisis for deviant ends. Obama will use the platform of "green jobs" to enrich those who march to the beat of his drum, and break those who don't; again this is fascism (tooot-tooot next stop communism). Cloaked in enviro- altruism to insure the lockstep support of the useful idiots, this plan does not end with simply non-productive, financially insolvent energy sources, it ends with a complete loss of our freedom, and on the counter side complete power of the government, also known as tyranny. PLEASE WATCH THIS VID-

Cap and Trade is another way Obama can further decimate his resistance. Within this bill there are components that will not only crush our current energy infrastructure but will necessarily seek to break, the morale and finances of the rural population.

5) Gun control- HR45 is back on the hill. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that this bill is a preparation for seizure and discriminatory to those who hold guns legally. If this passes, Obama may not round up all the guns tomorrow but it certainly gives him the vehicle to do so when the morale is sufficiently deteriorated or a crisis presents itself “not to be wasted.”.

Any rate I could go on for hours here, but the point I would like to make is even though Obama is not capable of immediate tyranny by physical means, the tyrannical plan is afoot nonetheless. The far left have been working on America for nearly 60 years with the active execution of the "Gramsci Plan." They have executed it perfectly thus far and they will not make a pass to the "End Zone" while their receiver is double covered. They have a head start; they have the media, schools, universities, entertainment, many churches, control of the Federal Government and the all so powerful “elitist” scientific community that promotes foolishness like evolution. The reason this is so powerful is that once you can get a fool to believe we and all in this world are accidental, and God does not exist you have the most powerful enticement of all...immorality and the pleasures it brings. Lust; be it for flesh or power is a strong recruiter.

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