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September 24, 2009


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youtube now says @ 8:47 CT, 80546 views


It is 347k now. They must know how foolish they look and since this vid has gone viral they know their integrity (lol) is in jepordy. I wonder if an ACORN employee is sitting at the reset button.


Everyone knows that Youtube is playing with stats to keep the vids they don't like off the radar

Patrick Greene

It goes back farther. They did this in 2004 with the Kerry video about if you are stupid, you will go to Iraq. They dialed the numbers down. Another one I tracked was the cop "This ain't America no more, Ok?". They kept dialing it down. Don't know what you can do about it tho.

Philip France

To Leftists viewing this dialogue...

Do you not now see how your entire ideaolgy is based on lies, deceit, falsehoods and misinformation?

Every, and I mean EVERY ideaology and doxy that you cling to is based on subterfuge. You have been lied to.

Please explain why it is so much more important to accept lies and deceit than it is to admit that you are wrong? Please explain further what you believe that you have gained by the apparent success(es)of such blatant dishonesty?

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