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October 28, 2009


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I am sure she just imagined the whole thing...if the police really did that sort of thing they would be real busy in the UK Moslem communites....oh wait if they did that they would get can't have that for sure because who would torment old ladies if they were dead.

TWHGM (the world has gone mad)


Look my sweets, if I write a letter to the pretty stupid british bobbies saying I hate all christians and I'm going to set my dog on them" even contstable plod will pay me a visit telling me "dont set your dog on these people or I'll lock you up" why is this so hard to follow?". Do you have no knowledge of history? do you know no Irish people? do you have no understanding of what happened during the troubles? Even in my mild country, those of us who protested the aphartheid regime in sth africa got visits from the boys in blue and the spooks too. Why should a bigotted old lady be immune?

Philip France

Where does yoyo get the temerity to call this woman bigoted? This is more drive-by libel from a norrow mind (like yoyo's, lest anyone be confused).

Pray tell, dear yoyo: what is the track record of societies in histories past when homosexuality was "normalized"? Tell us of ancient Greece. Tell us of ancient Rome. Tell us of Ernst Rohm and his SA in Nazi Germany.

Your support for this abhorant (and tragic) lifestyle choice shows you to be more of an overgrown child than most of us would have wanted to believe. You are a danger to us all with your infantile observations.

Re: The article. This is the same "Great" Britain that banned talk-radio superstar Michael Savage. A man that could, by himself, restore the United Kingdom to its once great majesty.

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