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October 10, 2009


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Duke's summation of why liberals can't handle the truth (and why they hide from it) was one of the best descriptions of the distorted thinking processes of the typical liberal mind I have ever heard (in 30 years of listening). Liberals rarely debate you with facts because they have none, or if they do, they are contrived at best, or outright dishonest and taken totally out of context. Often they even resort to shouting you down, or changing the topic (sometimes in a violent manner). When will we get honest debate out of them? Never I suspect. Look at this joke of a heath care plan. I read most of what has been made public, and they are nothing but "money for votes" plans. Vote for me and I will give you stuff. Lots of stuff. A rat infested place to live, bad medical care, a union job... oh wait.. sorry, No Jobs (they just keep disappearing and they can't figure out why... how sad.)

Philip France


You would enjoy the book "Slouching Toward Gomorrah" by Robert H. Bork (yes, Judge Bork). And at you can find an article by Professor Ellis Washington entitled "Because Liberalism is a Mental Disorder". You might have to use the search tool to find it.

Please don't be fooled by the so-called "health-care/insurance" mock debate. It is not about health and it is not about insurance. It is about power and control.

And even that is child's play compared to the Cap-and-Trade tax on weather and the Value-Added Tax (VAT), which is a tax on, well, everything!

The inmates are running the asuylum that is Washington D.C. These men and women are outright lunatics. Worse yet, they are evil incarnate.

Philip France

How infantile.

Philip France

Here is Professor Washington's artcile.

Along with Selwyn Duke and other intellectuals, Professor Washington is a frequent guest on The Savage Nation.


Look when one of your "thinkers" on the right can explain to me why universal healthcare has NEVER been voted out once it has been voted in, you may have some credibility.

The only reason I've determined for the fear of it on the right is that you're not happy unless you know someone else is missing out.


That was stinging!


Philip France

Dear Yoyo,

"when one of your "thinkers" on the right can explain to me why universal healthcare has NEVER been voted out once it has been voted in, you may have some credibility."

Even a reasonably intelligent lefty like you should be able to have the intellectual honesty to understand that government (read: taxpayer) "entitlement" is nearly impossible to rescind once its wheels have been set in motion. If one were to attempt to do so, it is the likes of you who calls us "meanies" and then start with the infantile mantra of "racist, sexist, homophobe". Cliven-Pivey demonization. A crisis where none exists.

What you conveniently omit is the dismal record of such health scare. This ideology is concocted by ghouls. Secular humanists and eugenicists who value the lives of moss and old growth forestry more than human beings (and especially human embryos). Just ask Robert Holdren and Cass Sunstein.

Allow me to clue you in. The health care/health insurance debate is not ObamaCare. Nor is it HillaryCare. It is the evil imaginings of Senator John D. "Jay" Rockefeller IV whose family has a long and infamous tradition in eugenics. The term "eugenics" means "good genes". The concept is promoted by Socialist elites who believe that their genes are better than anyone else's and they ought to get to work purging everyone else's from the human race. That would likely include you, my friend Yoyo (and, to be fair, me too). Your children (and mine).

Might I advise you to be ever so careful. Leftists have a nasty habit of eating their own (and most vocal). Ask Leon Trotsky. Ask Ernst Rohm. Ask Che Gueverra. Ask the educated and eyeglass-wearing Cambodians who ran into their sons in the Khemer Rouge. Whoops! I'm so sorry for the oversight. These fine chaps were MURDERED by the socioopaths that they helped obtain power.

Your defense of the indefensible belies your intellect and your ability to express yourself. Isn't it time that you grew up?


sweetie, I have benefited from universal healthcare all my life. my daughter has a chronic health-condition from birth the quality of health care has been immaculate - including trial and new high cost regimes. For a few years when i was totally devoted to finishing my writing my income was very low, despite that, I had monthly doctors visits for myself (free), a range of tests and treatments for my daughter including ICU care and treatment of a nagging issue for myself. total cost to me $200 over 3 years. The pharmacueticals cost approx $30 per prescription but if i was truly poor they would have cost $2.50 and either way when i hit a total of $500 for my family for the year it goes down to ziltch. Each educated country works it out somewhat differently. I dont like the English model for example. However it was never rationed, we were never liited or given lesser rate treatments or options and guess what?

People dont die in my country from infected teeth, or get locked up for letting their injured mates use their health insurance.


By the way my daughter may never have grown up at all in your country.

One of my biggest grievances against stupid islamic dominated countries is they loose the benefit of 505 of the population. America looses the benefit of every person who dies from a preventable condition. how bloody stupid is that?


50% being the women of course


Just got one figure on this 45,000 americans wasted due to lack of health insurance given that a proportion of the were morons you have still lost potential einsteins,steve jobs etc

Philip France

Dearest Yoyo,

Were I not already commited to a relationship I would love to ask you out for a date.

Not to one-up you but two years ago I underwent surgery to repair a hernia. My co-pay? $20. Prescription for pain medication? $10. (I didn't use most of it and still have it... want some?) I will make the seemingly outrageous point that this was too good. I should have and would have paid more, much more.

My friend, nothing is "free". Everything has a price and that price is borne by someone or some entity.

Your second point seemed a tad irrelevant. You suggest that Americans die from preventable conditions. Are you referring to our homosexual population who die from HIV/AIDS whose conditions are preventable by a correction of their behavior? Or are you confusing the U.S. health care system (of which 89% of our population are satisfied with) with Euro-Socialist health-scare systems where medical care is rationed and those most in need of care are left to die?

One last point: You refer to Islamist countries as "stupid". They are not. In fact, they are very clever and make no mistake about it. A more appropriate adjective might be "retrograde" or "evil" or "misogynist".

Dearest Yoyo,

Face it: a society in which the productive and industrious must pay for the unproductive and slothful is unsustainable. Eventually there are not enough "Peters" to pay "Paul" with.

Good night Mrs. Callabash; wherever you are...

Philip France

Precious Yoyo,

Come here. Let me kiss your forehead and then I will preapre a cold compress for you.

MSNBC is as credible as a child who claims to have seen Santa Claus falling through his family's chimney.

This is the home of the lunatic Keith Olbermadmann (who pisses himself during his broadcasts, no joke) and sychophant-extraordinaire Chris Matthews (for whom Candidate Obama sent a "tingle up his leg"). Tell me really, can a childish sissy like this be trusted with real news?

Their token "conservative" is Jew-hating Pat Buchanan, a once-brilliant man who has clearly lost his mind.

Dearest Yoyo;

Leftist ideology is based on lies upon lies. These "news" sources abandoned credibility in the 90's, during the Clinton reign of terror. Their ratings are in the toilet. Their audience is those that take pleasure in mocking them.

I ask again, with all respect and with all seriousness, isn't it time that you grew up?


sweet phil, it's your media.I think pat Buchannan is a total creep but he's one of yours (on the right).

I am pleased your operation went well so why do you want to deny that to the americans who have "pre-existing conditions" or those that are poor?

I'm not american as you know but the clinton "regime" was really not known as a reign of terror. such extreme language is better left to birthers.

No leftist ideology is not based on lies, at times it is probably based on hyperbole but it is seldom based on nastiness as rightwing paradigms are.

I dont want the world to miss out on what i have and i'm prepared to pay more tax to do so, you dont want your neighbour to get anything and your prepared to pay large corporations to make sure that's so. Left vs right.


I wanted to drop a line in the midst of this conversation. This is more of a small point but a valid one nonetheless. I just finished doing a class report(Economics major) based on a comparison between the Swiss health care model and model for the U.S. One of the main observations made during this project(and this has been made before so Im not taking credit) is the level of GDP contributed to drug research and innovation. The Swiss, like many other European/commonwealth countries, in effect piggy back off the U.S drug research program. They have steep price controls on their drugs/services which would stop drug reserach dead in its tracks were it in the U.S. Only because the "invisible hand" provides the incentive here in the states do we have such research taking place. If the U.S were eliminated many of the "model" health care systems would fall apart. However, I will also give a big hoorah to the swiss..I really like their healthcare model overall..we need it in the U.S(minus price controls). If your not familiar with it check it out!

BTW- Philip, Im appalled. Your bad mouthing Pat Buchanan (read:open mouth shock) Pat Buchanan is probably the only politician/commentator Ive seen to NEVER shake at the knees, NEVER compromise, and say the most politically INcorrect comments I've ever heard. I don't know of any other figure who has stood for christian values and western civlization like that old cranky bastardd has. As far as Jew hating...Im not so sure about that. Ive followed him for several years and dont sense that in him.


Larry Rivera


You will never…Never, ever convince them! The most dangerous disease that is infecting America and one that no universal health care plan can cure is the sickness that manifests itself in the thoughts and beliefs of the American Right…especially the Religious Right.

We will never have any form of a national health plan in this country. We will always be a savage nation, because of the corruption this sickness brings to our society.

They simply can’t understand the notion that is the underpinning of a universal health care plan. It is as foreign to them as mathematics is to a jungle beast.

All they know is the meanness of the market place: the harshness of their desert God; the reptilian truth of their madness. That is why these creatures are so dangerous. They do not have the same mind (maybe its evolutionary) as one who can grasp the correctness; the righteousness of the self-evident concept that a government exists to protect its people. They are the komodo dragons of the human population. And they would be pleased by the comparison.

If there is a God, perhaps they are his judgment on the rest of us. A punishment for weakness; a punishment for sloth; for the stupidity that lets them infest us; and finally for the sin that we allow them to exist at all.

Larry Rivera
Los Angeles, California


Shaun, yes there is some restraint of pharmacetical development in my country too but only to the point where most of the "new" drugs being released are actually minor reworking of older drugs for profitable conditions. To get listing for concession here, they have to proved that there is an added benefit for the cost. I kind of think that's fair.

Worldwide, there already is a major contraint on the development of needed new drugs like effective antimalerials IT'S CALLED THE FREEMARKET. And which country fought hardest against the lifting of protected status for the aids drugs needed in africa, I'll give you a clue.... USA



Well said.

Philip France

Dearest yoyo;

“you dont want your neighbour to get anything”.

The above statement is your projection on me. It is a falsehood. Please afford me the dignity of not presuming my thoughts, okay? Your statement is ludicrous and insulting. I love my fellow-man and, if you knew me, you would know how much of my life that I have given to the betterment of my neighbor.

The health care/health insurance debate that is going on in the U.S. right now (I repeat) is NOT about health care. It is NOT about health insurance. These subjects are merely the vehicle whereby the global Left will impose control of the populace and eugenics on we, the unwashed masses.

You previously denied that Leftist ideology is not based on lies. You provided no facts to support this conclusion. I already know that you cannot, but could you, for the sake of intellectual debate, provide some?

Philip France

Dear Shaun;

Please know that I esteem and greattly respect your postings here. I am sorry to have thrown sand in your face regarding Pat Buchanan but please hear me out.

I stated in my previous post that I consider him a "once-brilliant man". I own and have read his book "Day of Reckoning" and I can argue nary a point within it.

However, in the last 2-3 years, I believe that he is off his rocker and I am particularly concerned about his apparent and evident Jew-hatred. The following is from his own blog:

Eternally your friend...


Hey Philip,

Hey, no offense taken whatsoever it just suprised me to hear you hold Pat in such regards. I actually have the man's whole collection in my library and as you said, have a hard time finding discrepancies in any of it. However, I will agree that it is hard to swallow his line about England and the war guarentee. It was a hard call by Chamberlain and truth be told maybe a bad one..maybe not.. Im still not sure where your getting jew hatred though...

On another matter, there has been several times where Ive wanted to get certian information from you or discuss ideas that you mentioned but felt this website to be an inappropriate venue..Im gonna send my email to Selwyn's contact site and okay him to release it to either you or Walt. You guys have been around this site for a while and Ive learned quite a bit from you...anyways If you get the chance drop a line on my email.



Philly philly philly, are you saying that you are representative of all rightwing thought on this topic? I did not say that you dislike your neighbour, I said that the only explanation I can up with for the incredible and fact free rejection of universal healthcare by the right is the rightwing American tradition of not wanting other people to get ahead. the old definition of it is status envy.

You made and frequently repeated that leftist ideology is based on lies and then you want me to refute such an obvious but blanket statement. Which lies, by whom? Is this your version of "when did you stop beating your wife?"

Here are some simple statements frequently made by the progressive side that are not lies.
1. America is virtually alone amongst western countries in rejecting universal healthcare as a right for it's citizens.
2. America has far worse health outcomes statistically for it's population consideing the amount percapita spent on healthcare.
3. Universal healthcare does not equal communism.
4.No democratic country that has instituted universal healthcare has ever voted to remove the healthcare once established.
5. The unnessesary death of uninsured people for preventable conditions is both a moral and social loss of high order (particularly when those people are children).


Phil, phil phil each time I try to do a direct reply to a comment it disapears. Anyway are you saying you speak for all on the rightwing in relation to fear of healthcare. I said that from my understanding, the only reason i could find for the fear rightwingers have of universal healthcare is status envy, the idea that their neighbour might get something they're not entitled to.


whoops, this time it did come though, my bad

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