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October 28, 2009


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Bravo!!!!!! This is one of the two steps we must take to restore America.

1) States must reclaim our sovereignty
2) A full and accurate (historically based) definition of "natural born citizen" must be published and fully enforced. (If the left is not worried about the truth then fully disclose the facts).

Restoration of sovereignty is by far the most important. 99% of the c*** that comes out of DC is not in their job description.

Philip France

I offer effusive applause to Marilyn Barnewell on this exquisite article. I offer the same to Susan Lynn and I will take up Marilyn's offer to commend her personally.

I am disappointed that, to this point, there have been no comments commending the author of this brilliant work. I am not surpsised, though, because to those of us that agree with Ms. Barnewell, there is little to add. To those that agitate here at, you have had your clocks cleaned by sound and plain logic.

The laws of nature and of nature's God are immutable. They remain the same whether it be yesterday, today and forever. The planetary bodies in our heavens obey nature's laws, despite the fact that there is no compelling reason for them to do so. Did you ever ask yourself, "Why?".

Thank you Selwyn Duke, for inviting an individual of such sound logic and brilliant intellect to share her refreshing thoughts with us.


As a resident of Tennessee, I couldn't be more proud of Ms. Lynn and our legislature for taking this stand, and I hope and pray other states will join with us in exposing and fighting back against the abuses and rampant encroachment of the federal government.

Thank-you Marilyn for a great post.


Well Philip, don't be disappointed in me for not posting. I did but the system ate the post. State Sovereignty is extremely important; possibly the most important thing we can do to save out republic. I encourage all to fire up their state legislators and get some declarations passed just like Tenn. Our federal govt. has assumed power they are not due. This health care deform bill is un-Constitutional but so is 80% of the legislation that comes out of DC.


You should read her book on dog astrology. It's wonderful. Five Bow Wow's! Marilyn Barnewall is great at whatever she does.

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