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October 04, 2009


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What more would you expect from the party that gave us the KKK; power via corruption, deception and opression is the democrat party.


How about the great economic depressions? - (That's got to go to the Republicans.)
"power via corruption?" - (Watergate is tough to beat in that area.)
"deception and opression (sic)" (George W. Bush...hands down winner there.)

You're going to have to do better than that.

Philip France

Dear Abe,

Nice try.

The fact is that most politicians are corrupt, regardless of party affiliation. That is why I am politically independant.

But I wish to take to task to task your expamples of corruption, which are very weak and ill-defined in your posting.

While it pains me to defend Republicans, who I detest; I wish to take you task for the Democrats that you apparently defend (whom I abhor).

Might I remind you that, when caught in scandal, Republicans usually resign and at least do a credible job of feigning their disgrace (Tom Delay, Mark Foley);

I acknowledge the exception of Sen. Larry Craig but remind you that Republican leaders demanded that he step down but backed off when realizing that his transgression was homosexual in nature (and therefor more forgivable to the MSM) and that he sided with the Queen of Diamonds (aka Dianne Fensteinn) on legislation valued by Democrats.

Deomcrats caught in scandal flaunt their corruption and defy and insult the decency of the public at large (where shall we start?). Jim Stutz? Bill and HilLIARy Clinton (let's see you defend the murder of Vince Foster)?, William Jefferson? Charlie Rengel? John Murtha? Dianne Feinsteinn and her MILCON scandal? What is your excuse for Ted Kennedy and Chappaquidick? .

What about Corzine? McGreavy? 'Any Twosome' Newsome? If all you have to reply to this is Mark Sanford, you are a hopeless and naive fool.

As Lord Acton has poignantly observed, "power corrupts; but abosulute power corrupts absolutely". For you to attempt to make partisan political corruption makes you a fool.

If you were intellectually honest, you would rail against ALL corruption, regardless of party affiliation. And you better hurry before Comrade Sotoero and his snakepit of Communist lunatics incarcerate you for attempting from doing so.

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