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October 18, 2009


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This is just ****, I'm sorry. If you are a true supporter of the unregulated market then small banks will be subsumed by big banks with your blessing.

For you to pretend an emotional attachment to small community banks is perilously close to what you define as communism.


I don't know if I would describe it as ****. First even in the most libertarian circles a free market by definition must be protected from force and fraud. We need some regulatory commissions to safeguard our markets. The problem that is pointed out isn't the free market but the monopoly of the Fed. The Fed was designed right from the beginning to either consolidate smaller banks or keep them in tune with what the fed was doing by well..being a monopoly and forcing overwhelming competition upon them. If you read about the history of the Fed and read the minds and careers of her creators its not hard to come up with conspiracy theories involving one world government, currencies etc.

America as a country is too far involved in world affairs to even pretend to be soveriegn at this point. The choices which led us down this path were made a long time ago and its really unclear as how it will turn out. In our economic system which operates on Fiat currency there is no "safe" investment which involves cash. Personally, I would invest a little in precious metals, have at least a couple months food storage for each family member, and do your absolute best at keeping your debt down.


Philip France

More drive-by libel. You are becoming more and more pathetic and tiresome with each day.

You just read a terrific article by an accomplished expert in her field and you respond by hurling factually devoid insults based on utter nonsense (as far as anyone could tell) and you show no basis, whatsoever, for your "reasoning".

It follows logically that you have not done so because you CANNOT do so. Do yourself a favor: look up the definition of the word "reprobate" and then look at yourself in the mirror.

Ed Ward

Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell me what part of the horse you see.

Philip France

Dear Ed,

I took your advice and I looked myself in the mirror. I did not see any part whatsoever of a horse. What I saw was an American. A God-fearing, Christian American. A proud father of two beautiful and accomplished children that I have raised by myself for the last several years. An accomplished and respected professional in my field of endeavor. A lover of a beautiful woman that I have attracted through my warmth and kindness rather than my outward appearance nor taste in fashion, nor my conformity with the latest cultural trends.

I saw (and see) a man that has done a great deal for his fellow-man, not only in this temporal life but for their eternal well-being. There are dozens of human beings whom I have helped and advised over my lifetime that would be tempted to seek you out and burn down your house for what you have suggested but would not do so; largely based on how I have intervened in their lives, helped them through their struggles and guided them toward a life of righteousness and prosperity.

According to the word of the Almighty God, I am a saint. The word saint, as it has been translated in the Bible is derived from the Greek word "hagios". It means "to be made holy; purified".

Sir, I stand before the ultimate Judge, the Lord God in heaven. I stand as righteous. Sancitfied. Justified and at His right hand. I am aware that this distinction is not of my own doing, or by any of my good works, but by the faith of my (and your) Lord and Savior, Christ Jesus, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Perhaps you would like to be so assured of such prominence. I would be delighted to assist you in your attainment of such glory.

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