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October 01, 2009


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Selwyn, has it hit right on the nose. The worship of Obama is nothing new. Deviant leaders throughout time have sought god ship and heathens have sought someone/something to worship.

The book "United in Hate" by Jamie Glazov expands the thought Selwyn so artfully crafted, and gives several examples of the recent historical record to back it up. It is human nature to submit to a higher power; all dictators know this...our founders knew this. This is why we have a Constitutional Republic, with a balance of powers, checks and balances and they made many comments on the necessity of faith in God and morality....they knew people have a God shaped hole in their heart that will be filled by God or something else.

Robert Berger

Will you cut all this garbage about Obama being deified by all Democrats ? This has been true of only a handful of extremist leftist wackos here.
If anything, no politician in US history has been so vilified and lied about by paranoid right-wing nutcases like you and so many other gullible conservative Americans. He's absolutely no threat to America, even though he's no doubt make a lot of mistakes so far and will continue to,just like all presidents.
He's no more a communist than the Pope is pro-choice. He's not going to turn America into another communist dictatorship and has absolutely no intentions of doing so. Garbage,garbage,and nothing but garbage.
That's all you and other right-wingers have been spreading about Obama. But beware the next Republican presidential candidate; this could very well be a right-wing extremist snake in the grass and wolf in sheep's clothing who will sucker gullible conservatives into thinking that he or she is going to"save" America from Obama, while planning to turn this country into a fascist evangelical theocracy behind their backs-BY FORCE ! Now that's scary, not Obama.
Presidents are supposed to be sworn in by swearing on the Bible to uphold the constitution. But if a scoundrel like this gets power, he will be sworn in by swearing on the constitution to uphold the Bible !
If that happens, God help America.



You did not read the story did you.


Walt, the Robert’s of the world never do. Even if they read all the words there is still no understanding. Ideology trumps reason. Sometimes that happens with conservatives too, just not as often, and seldom to that extreme.


Robert your funny! I always giggle when i read your posts.

"Oh, obama's not evil but that wacky religous zealot right winger, kaweer-basher, abortion doctor killer, mouth frothing, pill popping, fascist, hairy chested snake in the grass conservative...thats the guy to look out for."

My remake of your post..with a little more color!

Take care Robert...

Philip France

Do you want to see something truly obscene (which goes to Selwyn's brilliant article's points)?

View it and weep.

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