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October 13, 2009


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The "unhealthy behavior" clause must be defined fully. Otherwise BHO will just let his Administrative branch and Czars peck it out after the fact and gun ownweship infringement may very well be in their knowing the players. In the last section of this blog I wrote a while back I go over my idea of "unhealthy behavior". I don't think even liberals will like their "freedom" taken from them but when the government takes power over your life you are screwed. See attached blog link for description.



Exactly Walt.

Obama has already proven that when he uses loose language or gives himself room for "special exceptions"..... he will do just that, ALOT. Hes the exemplar of someone taking a mile when given an inch.

My philosophy is to not trust people in power to be benevolent on my behalf.

Philip France

My dear friends,

To get caught up in the details and minutiae of the "health scare" deform and health scare insurance debate is to miss the point.

Of course Marxist scum like Obama will take your weapons. They cannot achieve their goals without doing so first.

Castro rose to power on promises of universal health care. So did Chavez. Don't be fooled and don't be lured into criticizing the details of this so-called debate. And do not think for one minute that your right to bear arms is not being usurped daily by who our fried Walt sarcastically referred to as "Rahmulans".

This is a Marxist revolution taking place before our very eyes.

You lefties that are wringing your hands wanting to wring my neck, step back a second and be honest for a change. Instead of writing back and teling me what a right-wing, religious nut I am and why I should not walk this earth without a bone through my nose, cowboy up and tell us all, please, what is it about the left that so enamors you? Tell us Neanderthals in plain words (since we are so ignorant) why we should go along with your ideas.

I dare you.


Hang on please give a concrete example where this risk adverse administration said it ws going to cancel gun licences or put restrictions on sales. Otherwise it sounds a little too much like Hal Turners ravings.


Mmmmmmm yes. Cause when a government wants to do something like that. They just come out and say it. Please stop being so naive.


Dan, I do understand that you and walt and philip must be a little concerned because you spent the last 8 years saying whatever the POTUS does is fine. It doesn't have to be legal ethical moral or financially smart, and to question the Pres is treason!!!!!

Different climate now, can you imagine a smart an, who grew up in your culture and knows the iconography and emotional plaque that guns have amongst voters. Do you REALLY think he would risk the damage to his future that attacking guns would do, when the only benefit would be with voters that wouldn't vote GOP anyway???

For example Obama has let gays down with DADT, but who would they take their vote to? The Deliverance Morons like Michelle Bachmann??

I dont think sso. So your guns are safe. (unfortunately)


Yoyo said,

"Dan, I do understand that you and walt and philip must be a little concerned because you spent the last 8 years saying whatever the POTUS does is fine."

I can't speak for the others but I did not like Bush too much. He was far too left for my taste. Besides the fact that Bush did not have a propensity to cigars, he acted very similar to Bill Clinton.

As far as guns go you must not be paying too much attention to the news. There have been many federal runs at guns with bills like HR45, and it is also threatened that the IRS will be getting involved too by requiring a listing of all guns on tax returns as well as a $50 per gun tax. Additionally, there are many state and city gun control "laws" that are being run up the flag pole with the Supreme Court. BHO does not have to announce he wants to take our guns...the water is already being carried. A politician never sticks his neck out when he does not have to; BHO is no different.

The one thing that you must realize is that BHO and his gang of thugs does not do things the way they are intended to be done by our Constitution. He uses the administrations and czars to enact laws and fund his machine via the back door. The stimulus bill was the prime example. 787 billion dollars worth of money to be spent at the whim of his administrations and czars. Normally in America such spending is done by exhaustive efforts and the appearance of oversight, by the congress. They often squander, earmark and enrich their friends with the money as well but that is the fault of those who elected crooks.

Yoyo, although I disagree with just about everything BHO has done and what he stands for, it is not that which makes me so passionate to oppose. What inspires me is his defiance to the Constitution, the corrupt people he has surrounded himself with and his allegiance to the machine that funded his rise to power (Soros and his Medusa).

PS-You have evidently been given marching orders from Media Matters or Move on to do a Sarah Palin on Michelle Bachmann. I encourage you to listen to her and make up your own mind before you loose all credibility. Your side will rally around Maxine Waters and Janeen Garafalo and call Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman dumb? I understand why they would go after Bachman but it is still hackery, at best, to call her a moron. Do you hate her because she is hot?

Please back up you assumption of Bachmans moronity by posting a gaff or some evidence via Youtube vid or whatever.


yoyo, I told you to stop being naive. Heres a little history lesson for you.

Hitler first said all guns must be registered and anyone who wanted one must have a license to have one. The exact details and reasoning's are both trivial and pointless. However im sure the rules and regulations were totally fair and not at all slanted to make sure the majority of jews were still able to get guns.

Hitler he couldn't just TAKE peoples guns because that would simply be an obvious violation and people would resist. So he went through legal channels to disarm the majority of them. He then knew exactly where the weakened rest were and killed them.

See, the point is. Hitler didn't say "I'M TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS, NOBODY CAN HAVE GUNS" he said suuuuuuuuuuure, you can have guns. "All you need to do is this, this, this and this, do this, and this, and this, and of course fill that form out in triplicate and wait to hear from the board and you can totally have guns!"

Sounds familiar now? Didn't think so. Maybe if you pulled your fingers out of your ears and let "hope and change" escape from your cranium, you would.

And I know what you are going to say. Something to the effect of... "Oh so you are saying obama is going to be like hitler?" To which I can only say this. I doubt even one nation where a tyrant took hold...they expected what happened later. They all promised hope, and change, and a better tomorrow. Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Chavez. And all you had to do was give them the power to make it happen....

Im sorry that you are so naive and blind to see that all the regulations that they are proposing could EASILY be used to disarm the people. Maybe its not. Perhaps is just a backdoor way for gun control cause they are simply hoping to stop crime.(gun control laws have proven to not only be ineffective, but in fact have the opposite effect.)

But many of us aren't willing to take that chance. Many of us aren't drunk on "hope and change" nor on childish liberal idealism.


I meant to say "the majority of jews weren't still able to get guns."


Dan, how stupid do you think Obama is? He's grown up around gun nuts, he's been surrounded his whole life by people who fetishise weapons, he is a shrewd poticial animal no matter what you think of him personally. No way in the world would he antagonise a chunk of his base for so little political gain. Come on, he hasn't even repealed DADT!


Walt sorry I missed your response, the clips of Bachmann being beyond stupid are multitudinous, the gift that keeps giving, like her asking followers to slit their wrists to stop health reform, or the time she argues that all schools should stop teaching evolution. The woman is an embarrassment to other women and anyone with a functioning synapse or two.

Philip France

"the time she argues that all schools should stop teaching evolution."

Yo, are you sure that you want to take me on with this one? You better have your talking points neatly organized.

That said, you are dodging the point again by changing the subject (shame on you). The subject is gun control and the overwhelming evidence overwhelmingly shows that the more free people (not just Americans) are to own and to maintain firearms, the lower the crime rates. You cannot argue this pont. At best, you can attempt to deny the facts.

That you are a foreigner, I can forgive you for missing the greater point and that is that our Founding Fathers framed the Second Amendment so that "we the people" had armed recourse (Constitutionally termed 'militia') in the event our government would dare to exceed its Constitutional authority. Has that time come?

Personally, I do not own a firearm but I am a card-carrying member of the NRA because I so believe in Americans' Constitutional 2nd amendment rights. Read that last word again.

During WWII, Emporer Hirohito and Prime Minister Tojo scuttled plans to invade our homeland for the simple reason that our citizenry was armed. How might your fair land fare with a similar consideration?

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