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November 20, 2009


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"Michael Savage is a loyal American, and he is passionate about protecting America, which is why I enjoy listening to him," Culberson writes.

The Brits would do us a favor if we they could keep Savage out of the United States too.

Doesn’t seem Savage was so “passionate” about protecting America during the Vietnam War. Guess he had a change of heart and got passionate about kids that could be his grandchildren protecting America in his old age.

Check that lifesaver in the background of his photo. “Patriot – San Francisco.” Yea, right. Go ahead, somebody apologize for the great American now.


Save you the time: Typo acknowledged.

Chuck Parker

When Savage was a child, he spoke as a child, he understood as a child, he thought as a child: but when he became a man, he put away childish things; Right about the time the war ended.


Hate Savage if you wish, he is not exactly a cute little puppy. However, being banned from the UK is certainly a matter that warrants solidarity from all people who love freedom and even those who pretend to love freedom (tip: to keep up the act you should side with Savage...even leftists).


Wow, cause people totally couldn't change their views in. Gee, how long ago was the Vietnam war. 34 years ago?

Please be less of a tool. K thx.


To Walt:
On behalf of all the leftists entertained by the ramblings of Selwyn Duke and his apostles, allow me to thank you Walt, for the sage “freedom” advice. We’ll try to keep up the act from now on. What do you think would be a good next step? A white hood and a sheet?

But, you’re wrong about hating Savage. Contemptible as he is, Savage doesn’t rate being hated. Laughed at yes - Hated no. You don’t hate the ugly circus clown. You don’t hate the boorish party guest who brags and tells bad jokes all night long in a loud voice.

We leftists ranging from those in the Socialist Workers Party to liberal Democrats (because we all are the same, you know) think that Savage, with all his pumped up arrogance and Semitic charm is the W.C. Fields of your camp; a little ditsy, much annoying and about as threatening as the guy in the nursing home, who every Thursday at the same time, starts blabbing about how bad the world is today. And when he was a kid none of this would have been tolerated.

I know Savage thinks of himself as Roy Cohn. But he’s not. No one ever thought of Roy Cohn as a joke.


To Dan:
Life is not a Hollywood movie in which the coward suddenly becomes brave or the good man bad. Michael Savage is Michael Weiner and even though he is a snake, even he can’t shed his skin. Not really. Not even in thirty-four years.

Savage had his opportunity to be a “Patriot” and he hid in the South Pacific. Just like our former president had the opportunity to be a hero and hid in the bottle. You can say Bush has changed, but I’ll bet he’d still like a drink. People don’t change Dan, they just look different. Savage apparently is very good at that.


Exellent Juan! Get it out, get it all out. It's all right...its gonna be all right. Just sit there and rock back and forth for a while; it will be al right. The voices will go away. Shhhhh, be still. shhhh


To Walt:
Don’t be snotty. Snotty only works for a Los Angeles hairdresser with a lisp. You are probably a pickup truck and power tools guy with a wad of chew in his lip and a background in animal husbandry. Snotty just won’t get it for you.

Now, load up the 4X4, put your rifle in the rear window rack, grab your Bible and head off to the Mega Church you tithe to; so that the preacher in the cowboy sport coat and pointy boots can sooth YOU, assure you of your heavenly reward and take some of the money you inherited.

Then, you can come back to your computer and better defend your oily role model.


Yep, but I am more of an archery man, don't wear cowboy boots, don't chew, and my church is only about inherited money here.

Savage is not on trial here, neither am I. The blatant assault on the fredom of speech by the worlds oldest remaining empire is the topic.

Philip France

My, the leftists here have their panties in a twist.

The likely cause is that Savage speaks the truth, unashamed and fearless. Leftists stake their pseudo-intellectual acumen on lies, deceit, misinformation and distortion. Your infantile cries of “social injustice” and your actions in support thereof have done nothing but brought about more misery and human suffering. You are diametrically wrong about EVERY single issue that you “stand” for. Sadly, being a modern liberal means never being able to admit that you are wrong and never being able to say, “I’m sorry”.

Walt is correct. The actions of the U.K. against Dr. Michael Savage, PhD is against ALL of us. This is the criminalization of thought and opinion. No one, left, right, Christian, Jew, Moslem or Atheist should stand for this.

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