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November 13, 2009


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This is an excellent summation of a difficult topic. There are several main points being brought to clarity here. First, if we adhere to our propaganda that all races are equal then how can racial diversity be a strength? Quite simply, it can’t. In discussion of this I hear people say: “Well, what about Jackie Robinson, George Carver, etc.” and I respond, Yes these were great people, but what about their RACE that makes them who they are? This usually brings people to a conundrum. Either everybody is equal which would mean that different races bring nothing to the table except divisions or each population group (a more accurate grouping of people) has certain strengths and weaknesses which nature has endowed them with; a much more logical conclusion in my opinion.

I will not conclude that racial, or for that matter any diversity is a complete weakness and here is why I might say so. History will show that when a population group lives in complete isolation that they tend to fall behind the rest of the world due to lack of stimulus of ideas. A good case in point might be the Australian aborigines. Societies that interact with others often see things from a different point of view that they were unable to see before. A barbarian invasion stimulates wall building. A Chinese engineer might show a Nigerian a better way of dam building and so on. However, to equate this with saying that a state is strengthened by absorbing 50 million migrants from a country that doesn’t speak your language, doesn’t honor your customs, and doesn’t respect your national sovereignty to begin with is nonsense.

The people of America are in dire times in my opinion. It is said that by 2040 whites will become a minority when compared with nonwhites. By the time this happens white youth will represent a 40/60 ratio. When we reach that time, assuming nothing changes, America will no longer be the same place. The great land America which stood for civil liberties and unalienable freedoms will be forever gone. Great Civilizations are maintained by the people that built them. When they are overrun by foreigners they will represent the nations from whence the foreigners came. Our own country’s history is a case in point. Diversity was not very kind to western Indians and neither will it be kind to us.


Amerika- One nation united in diversity, founded on the principal of supreme whateverness. Divided we stand....ENTER THE TYRANT.

Great article Selwyn!


What a horrible sad thing this latest shooting was, I hope we start to get some real uncluttered facts out soon. At least we know now that there was only one shooter, that the cop that took him down was the older black man, that the shooter seems to fit the profile of many of these maniacs: single, obsessive, disconnected from the community etc.

For shaun, maybe in this hideous time you ca look at the "diversity" of the fine men and women who were shot by this creature and at the race of the brave man who put him down but also saved his life for trial. When you make a statement that implies that only white males support civil liberties you are disrespecting a great many non white non males who have given their lives for civil liberties or in the case of nelson mandela or angh sang shi their liberty.


You see yoyo, you read but don't comprehend. You put a liberal spin on everything. Shaun never said that only whites appreciate civil rights. He said that "white" civilization [ie-European] invented modern civil rights [fact] and is the only one pushing them [another fact]. Who else is pushing them? China? Africa? Hugo Chavez? Mexico? Drop the veils from your eyes.


Walt, the tyrants have been a spinning their webs with the help of left-winged media. Only recently have they decided to rush for the finale, for, judging by Tocqueville, they've been at it for quite some time [words his, emphasis mine]:

    [The] despot easily forgives his subjects for not loving him, provided they do not love each other.

Divisions readily provided and aggravated by their sinister media.


Here, intolerance... will not be tolerated.

Philip France

Dear yoyo,

Not again?

You say "the shooter seems to fit the profile of many of these maniacs: single, obsessive, disconnected from the community etc."

You have failed to mention the most glaring and obvious characteristic in your description: ISLAMIC TERRORIST.

Wake up!

W. Tieff

The Islamic TERRORISTS who targeted and shot children and schoolteachers in Beslan, Russia a few years back, were motivated by the same principles and ideology as Nidal Hassan. Should Russia practice more "diversity"?
At least Hassan was diciplined enough to target military personnell, and not little kids... Now he can answer for his aggression the same as any combatant would have to when captured by the enemy, including US soldiers. That's the price for taking up arms. Not sure what his plan was, though. He didn't seem to have any backup. And no exit strategy, obviously.... how the hell was he going to win? F- him. Moon-worshiping dirtbag..

Philip France

The PC psychotics are already making excuses for this jihadist. Is there such a thing as PRE-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Defense Secretary Gates should resign in shame over his comments proclaiming the "importance" of "diversity" in our military ranks. Since when is it "important" to have ideological subversives in our military?

What we are witnessing before our very eyes is all of the hounds of hell enacting a shock-and-awe campaign against sensible and sane human beings nation-wide and world-wide. The evidence is surmounting that they are over-playing their hand.

For purple mountiain's majesty above our fruited plain...

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