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November 17, 2009


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And this reversal regarding mammograms and even self-examination means that already rationing is underway. This is what the policy will be if the government takes over health care. In other words they don't even want women to exam themselves because they might find a lump and therefore have to get a biopsy and if cancer is found, then treated. Obama would just prefer women die in order to save money. And many women who get breast cancer in their 30's and 40's will just die before they even know they have it. Obama wants to kill women. Of course nancy the bitch pelosi won't have to worry about herself and other women in her family who will of course be cared for along with other elitists. But to hell with the average woman.


I can just see the pages turning in Nazi's head...she wasn't nmeantaly thumbing through the COnstitution but through her mental copy of "Rules For Radicals." This tactic sounds very familiar to me...I wish I had my copy with me but I try to keep it loaned out so others can see the tactics of "The Dark Side."


Come on now?

The state already forces us to buy auto liability insurance; use seat belts; most mandate helmet usage for motorcyclists; buy license plates; driver’s licenses; pay income tax; workers compensation insurance; unemployment; sales tax; buy pass ports; and probably dozens of other things I can’t think of

Are all these things unconstitutional too?


RL, you seem very confused. You wrote-'buy auto liability insurance; use seat belts; most mandate helmet usage for motorcyclists; buy license plates; driver’s licenses; pay income tax; workers compensation insurance; unemployment; sales tax; buy pass ports'

You really don't understand the problem with these examples? Most of them are STATE MANDATES-not federal. For this reason they would be constitutional. Remember: the states have many powers under the Con that the feds don't. Then there's income tax. That is constitutional because we long ago passed an AMENDMENT to the constitution allowing it. Just so you know though, if one or two of your examples are unconstitutional, I'm against them on that basis. I also will tell you that I'm against car insurance, seat belt and helmet laws even though it is constitutional for the states to have such laws. Not because they're unconstitutional but because they're still not the role of gov.

But wow, how can you be an American and not understand the difference between fed and state powers? You're a good example of how little liberals actually know.


Get with the program John,

Federal government should mandate to us how to Park our cars, walk our dogs, take a dump, kiss our wives, mow our yards(with eco friendly water vapor mowers mind you), eat a candycane, bake a cake, snitch on your neighbors, pop your knuckles, clip your fingernails, cut your hair, facial expressions, gestures, walk on a sidewalk, pet your kitty, and as a catch all thinking should be largely discouraged to all except the "experts" like government. Its amazing man has made it this long w/o government in the past. Quit being so paranoid.



This evil little troll of a woman couldn't even come up with something more intelligent than "Are you serious". This is the woman that wields such large influence on our government? Someone please tell her that she needs to come up with a better, more intelligent response. (Obviously she couldn't though, or she might have. I mean, really? LOL!) I wish God would smite her evil little smug self.


And to add to what John said, most of the examples you cited RL, are flawed because they can be avoided, if one so chooses, by simply not participating. If I don't own a car or ride a motorcycle, I don't have to purchase auto liability insurance or wear a helmet. But I will have no way to opt of buying health insurance - short of dying or leaving the country, I suppose....


Good point Adrienne, You beat me to it... In addition liability insurance on cars is insurance you buy to prevent financial loss to others you may damage. A medical equivalent to auto liability would be insurance to prevent another from bringing suit against you for giving them a cold, the flu, or any other communicable virus or disease. Bad example RL.

Philip France

House Shreiker Nazi Lugosi is criminally psychotic. She was not always this way. I was here in California during her rise to power. At the time, she was your typically misguided "do-gooder" who sincerely intended for the betterment of society.

Much power doth make thee mad, Madame Shrieker. Shrieker Lugosi is now a power-mad and insane lunatic who is beholden to most lunatic fringe of our society. To witness this, I offer the following link: (WARNING: The images shown at this site are extremely graphic and repulsive, but this is Nazi Pelosi's District)


John: You are right, some of those examples I used were state mandates. But, does that mean you think socialism would be okay as long as a state chose it? I think you said before abortion would be okay as long as that was a state decision? Overall I guess I give up; you tell me what role the federal government is supposed to play? (I thought the last state’s right guy disappeared when George Wallace died.) Also, why do you so easily cast me as a liberal? It’s a mistake to presume too much.

Shaun: Didn’t I read a while back that you worked for the government for ten years. Thank you for your service (I do mean that) but, weren’t you supporting and carrying out the policies of the iron handed federal government in the Marine Corps? The reason the emblem is different, is I don’t keep track of the type pad account. This is only thread I’ve ever posted on and I didn’t intent to keep it up for so long. But, I have enjoyed the opportunity to talk with you and the others.

Do you really think most Americans have the option to opt out of anything? Not owning a motor vehicle is no option, unless you live someplace like NYC.


Marine Corps=Military

Military= One of the two things the Constitution authorizes(No one argues against national defense). The other being coin and print currency.

In regards to states rights in your above post. If a state wants to adopt socialism in any aspect(Massachusets, New York)then they are least vaguely permitted to by our Constitution. People can leave a state if they want to and if enough people leave then the state might shut down certian programs. Kind of like the free market..whatever sells. If the federal government does something there is no way around it and it almost never gets reversed. Every step forward is an irreversible step forward judging by history.



This is completely ridiculous. The liberals are just fine with the federal government FORCING someone, under penalty of JAIL, to buy health insurance. But the same liberal types are against making people say the pledge of allegiance (as pertaining to the "Boy who refuses to say pledge of allegiance story). Asinine. Pure Asinine.

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