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November 02, 2009


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Mark Edward Vande Pol

This article reads just like my book, Natural Process, published in 2001.

If you built what you said upon it, I would have preferred to see an attribution.


I would encourage everyone to get involved with (exept for the leftists) this guy is very sharp and doing great things organizing patriots.

Mark Edward,

If you wrote a book on this topic I tip my hat to you. It is too bad that it takes the eminent fall of our republic to wake people up. We have until December (Copenhagen) to rally the troops.

Mark Edward Vande Pol

IF I wrote a book? Go to and click "Reviews."

As to Copenhagen, the following article deals with the implications and historical context directly: Patrick Henry, “Ratified”
The Treaty Power, Its Perils and Portents

Wrote that too. The web site is worth your time.


Thank you very much! Right now all of us need to catch up with you and study, study, study; then ACT. This one world government must not stand!

Mark Edward Vande Pol

Thank you very much!

You are quite welcome. Enjoy the site.

You are free to republish or email any of the articles with attribution.



I am very interested in your book when the second printing comes out but the contact link on your site is not working.

PS. I liked your Patrick Henry piece very much...actualy I hate that you had to write it but the truth hurts sometimes.

Philip France

I wish to applaud and congratulate Savant Noir on a brilliant speech and his remarkable gift for articulation. I also thank Selwyn Duke for posting it. I intend to pursue the many links that have been associated herein in the imminent future.

What Savant has so laboriously expressed can be summed up with the following thoughts:

When evaluating Sustainable Development, one can use a very simplistic method in order to arrive at the Truth. That is, ask yourself: What will you believe, me (i.e. the Sustainiacs) or your own eyes? Look at the earth for yourself. We will NEVER run out of natural resources, even if we tried our damndest to eradicate them. Take a trip to any ocean or large lake and just observe what your own eyes tell you.

The Sustainiac agenda’s “hip” surname is “Green”. When you hear this term with regard to building or to products or in the context of “saving” the environment, think this: Watermelon. Green on the outside, but red (as in Marxist/Communist) on the inside.

Lastly, Savant’s article expounds on the minutiae (in brilliant and well-articulated detail) the three-pronged goal of this sinister agenda:

1. Eugenics – Elitists thinking that their genes are better than yours, so yours must be eliminated.
2. Population control – Controlling the behavior of the remaining populace so as to sustain power for those at the controls.
3. Anti-capitalism – Eradicating the only economic system proven over the history of mankind that provides the most individual liberty, prosperity and affluence.

In his terrific piece, Savant referred to the San Joaquin Valley. This valley is in central California. I reside just north of there and I bear personal witness to the travesty of Eco-Marxism that is taking place. Their water supply has been restricted to protect a smelt. A SMELT!!!!! A fish that less than two inches long and is not even germane to this region of the globe!

Savant was most profound and prophetic when he stated, “when this coffin-lid closes, it closes on ALL of us” (my emphasis). This includes the modern liberal “do-gooder”.

So what will you believe? Them, or your own eyes? The perverts and child-molesters in the U.N. and their alphabet soup of acronyms, as well as the elitists in neither our Government, nor its sycophantic media care not a whit about the earth. Nor do they care about you or about even that smelt that is causing so much human suffering. Let me make it simple for you: It is about one thing only: CONTROL.

Mark Edward Vande Pol

The link has been fixed.


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