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November 06, 2009


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Philip France

Selwyn, once again you are right on the money and you hit it out of the park.

I will add another factor: the radical homosexual activist agenda, which finds an ironic and ideological ally on this point (that of suppressing free speech). This is dangerous territory for all of us. If you peel away the skin (forgive the allegory), this concept is intended to criminalize thought, as evidenced by speech. ALL of us, both liberal, conservative, you name it, must oppose this with all of the passion within our beings because, at some point, all of us might be found guilty.

Talk-radio Superstar Dr. Michael Savage is prescient when he obviates that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution was not intended to protect polite speech. It is intended to protect opposition, even unpopular and uncomfortable speech. Sometimes the Truth is ugly and difficult to accept.

In Selwyn’s article, he stated that the language of the U.N. Resolution was weak, but let me show you an example of how ANY attempt to curtail or abridge speech is dangerous and morally reprehensible: the word “negro”.

That’s right. The word “negro” (or more properly “Negroid”) is a scientific term. It is anthropologically correct. It pin-pointedly describes a sub-species of homo-sapiens as having descended from sub-Saharan Africa. And yet this term is verboten. Not through laws, mind you, but through subtle speech codes instilled by Leftists intended to shove us into the ovens of their nefarious ideology.

I believe that Selwyn (and others) have correctly quoted Voltaire who once proclaimed that,” I may disagree with you, but I will fight to the death for your right to say it”. We must ALL adapt this truly liberal philosophy. If not, we will all be buried beneath the same coffin-lid (acknowledgement to Savant Noir for this last allegory).


Phil, you really cant help showing your stripes. The main argument here, and one I support is to stop religious people of any stupidity being protected. You can continue to use outdated and scientifically discredited terms, maybe you could also write a paper on "wandering wombs" or hemaphrodites both terms that have been rejected as our knowledge grows, SOMEHOW, (I cant think why?), you seem to be a little obsessed with out of date terms for same sex attraction and african americans. tell me you dont conflate mutliple personality disorder with psychophrenia?

The main thing is that even bigots should be able to spout their crap without penalty, even those ultra pathetic holocaust deniers should be able to babble in peace, their own words are their own disgrace.


Righto Philip. Freedom of speech, and many of our laws. Are basically protecting the right to rebel against the government. (peacefully or not peacefully,should it get too big for its britches)

Freedom is speech is there so you can say the leaders suck.
Freedom of the press is so we can see the leaders dirty laundry.
The right to protest so we can make others aware and tell our leaders "We mean business"
Right to bear arms is so we can rise up and force out leaders that have become belligerent and/or unlawful.

And all these are already under attack.

Philip France

Dear yoyo,

You are even more incoherent in this post than you usually are. After how many glasses of wine did you post this? What other medications may have interacted with the fruit of the vine?

Please be honest. It would help all of us understand you to know this.

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