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January 07, 2010


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What a ridiculous law. Without some sort of video or recording how could someone PROVE that someone said something?

Just more of the arrogance from the ever growing entity that is government. Pass a law, that will fix EVERYTHING!


In lieu of a fundamental moral index (The Bible being one) a culture must make and remake countless laws as man tries to get another man to conform to his model of moral ambiguity. Mature, this is tyranny.

W. Tieff

Really? Is it 1984 already? Goodthink, goodspeak... no exceptions!

Philip France

It IS far past 1984 and we need to accept this reality.

I wish that W. Tieff (and i "get" the clever disguise of your posting name) would post more often.

Here is the crux of Selwyn's outstanding article:

The white/caucasian heterosexual Christian male is public enemy #1. This is the same WHSCM that built the Trevi Fountain, the Champs Ulysses, the Vatican, Mt. Rushmore, The Empire State Building. The same WHSCM that cured polio, that stormed the beaches of Normandy and spared the West of the fascist horde.

This is Newton and Keppler and Galileo that brought modern science from zero to light years. This is Drs. James Watson and Francis Crick.

The assault on logic is astounding and disturbing. The factions of the amoral and asocial political Left are poking and prodding this gentle giant.

Be careful what you wish for.

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