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January 27, 2010


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I don't think his daughters were scantily clad.


I don't lament the loss of a patriarchy. That is what muslim societies have and we see what they are like.
"The votes cancel each other out.

Someone has to cast the deciding vote".
And I suppose you believe that should always be the man. It sounds to be more like a parent-child relationship rather than what a marriage should be. Where do you get the idea that women should being treated like children?


I don't know why my response didn't come out right. Here it is again:

I don't lament the loss of a patriarchy. That is what muslim societies have and we see what they are like.
"The votes cancel each other out.

Someone has to cast the deciding vote".
And I suppose you believe that should always be the man. It sounds to be more like a parent-child relationship rather than what a marriage should be. Where do you get the idea that women should being treated like children?


Is it true Scott Brown is campaigning for McCain? If so, this is the real gaffe. RINOs be gone!


Laura, where do you get the idea that men should be treated like children? The article pointed out that this is the problem today. And you act like the point was never made. Also, how do you say we should solve the deciding vote problem? Let the 5 year old cast it?


Haha John, you're asking too many questions ("how do you say we should solve the deciding vote problem?") that have no reasoned, thoughtful answers! She will just say "compromise!" without realizing this only results in continual marital warfare.


A few thoughts:

By the standards of our time his daughters were dressed just fine.

In my marriage I have found my wife to be right at least as often as I am.

Scoot Brown’s statement about his daughter’s marital status was probably not well thought out but it was not crude, Glenn Beck’s statement about his body parts on the other hand was.

And what’s with this comment by Duke,

“Perhaps Brown is an ulta-traditionalist and, in saying his daughter were available, was announcing that he’s seeking a dowry.”

that was a little crude in its own right. Is he seriously suggesting that Scoot Brown was looking for money, or was this is his own bad joke?

When I saw the Senator elect make that comment about his daughters being available it would normally never have occurred to me that he was prostituting his daughters, for that I had to have help. Thanks Duke and Glenn…


Selwyn reveals his hatred of women once again.
Selwyn's problems with women are deep.
He must be an only child with an unusally close
relationship to his mother. My guess is that he is no married and doesn't plan to marry as long as his mother is alive. Judging from his picture he is in his late forty's and is slightly balding. All indications are that he is a woman hater. This often is the result when boys have over-bearing mothers. They grow up to hate women. Anthony Perkins in Pscyco comes to mind.


Linda, you went right over the top. Your response stops all civil discussion.


I don't think Mr.Duke hates women. On the contrary, I think he fantasizes about being dominated by them. Guys like him are always into the domainatrix thing. I bet he is reading the story about the sorority hazing right now and wondering how he can sign himself up.


It sounds to me like Linda has formed her worldview after taking a community college Psych 101 class and Tanya by reading romance novels. The Freudian psychological school Linda evidently prescribes to is the ultimate fortress of thought to those inside, yet little more than a child’s pillow fort to those outside. The philosophy is built entirely on assumptions of subjectivity which they triangulate as an objective outcome. Therefore the answer to the question of every male's behavior is either he has a small pee-pee or he breast fed too long. To Linda such an observation wins her praise in her group think community, to the rest of the world...well we roll our eyes at the "intellectual" stereotyping.

Tanya thinks art imitates life when it comes to pagan sexuality; it is actually the inverse. The behavior she describes is far rarer in reality than in perception. Such behavior is far more likely to occur as a result of suggestion based upon graduated perverse observation, then mass spontaneous perversion influencing art.


Walt, you’re putting too much effort into replying to these goofballs. However, if you enjoy it go for it, but it’s never going to do any good; and I for one enjoy reading your comments.


I agree 100%. I can't stand Beck and the fact that people love him for playing this henpecked man. It shows how disturbed our society is. Yes, America is dong great being a henpecked nation. We have a gov't that spends and spends. We can't fire a shot. Much of what is made in this country is made in China. We persecute our own soilders.

In the home a man can be thrown out of his own home for any reason even though he likely pays for the home. Check out the side Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting. In this country it is women who think violence is OK towards men. 52% think it is OK for a woman to slap a man and 26 % the reverse. Some societies may hate women but we as a society and many Western societies seem to hate men. There seems to be no good balance in many societies.

Being Jewish and reading the bible both Patriarchs and Matriachs had different area's of dominance. The Matriarchs in the end knew more about their children (Sarah and Rachel knew that Ismael and Esau became evil while Abraham and Issac were more forgiving) and the men know about the outside world (Abraham spread to the outside world the idea of one G-d and not worshipping Idols). Not that a man is ignorant about children a woman is ignorant about the outside world. Just that a man spends more time in this sphere while a woman spends more time in the other sphere so they will know a little more.

The bible does talk about a man and a woman being one flesh and having different area's of dominance. In some area's woman know more in other area's men know more.

And books like Domestic Tranquility have written how the area women do have the most leverage on motherhood and being a wife is under constant attack and this is the one area many women have been brainwashed to think they should not do this and instead try to be a little man although this is the area in the end that give women the most sense of fulfillment.. For all the problems in the muslim world at least the women are having children unlike in the west.

Men being better at women at anything today is somehow wrong or evil while of course in other area's we would allow women to make the decision without men so the double standard is very much there.

Philip France

Kill your television.

Larrry Rivera

Everybody knows Beck's a fruit.

Philip France


This site is too intellectual for drive-by remarks. Please give some substance to your claim.

I do not like Glenn Beck, myself (his politics and his presentation,that is; I am certain that I could maintain a friendship with him).

You are far too inteligent to just let fly here and then ask, "Who farted?".

Larrry Rivera


Good to hear back from you. You are among the few people that post here that I don’t suspect is a zombie.

Anyway, at least you can string a couple of original paragraphs together that don’t sound like a junior high essay.

But, as far as Mr. Beck being a fruit is concerned; if you can take a look at that video he released a while back after he had his buttocks operation, I think you’ll find that convincing enough evidence.

I should stop posting now, but the weekend hasn’t turned out like I planned and I really am taking up too much of Dukey’s site. (What can I say; some guys go out and wash their truck when they get bored. I do this.)

Sticks n Stones

You really should have chosen the truck.

Dale, learn what a dowry is and stop blaming others for where your thoughts lead you.

Another excellent article, Selwyn.

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