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January 21, 2010


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The difference between Sarah Palin and Ronald Reagan has to be age. Reagan was steeped in history when he entered the political fray, and indeed, lived through many historical events personally. Sarah is still emerging and gaining experience.

However, it is her values and the willingness to withstand the winds of opposition--to advocate and articulate core conservative principles--that make Palin like Reagan. Yes, there are many 'Reagans' out there, but for the moment, Sara seems to be the one who has most visibly grabbed the baton and accepted the role.

She is in the public eye. She is being battle-hardened in the crucible of public debate. I say give her a chance to mature her political positions, as well as her oratory and message-delivery skills.

Politics is a blood sport requiring a large amounts of intellect and courage--with a little craziness mixed in. The willingness to accept risk is fundamental to both business and politics.

But ultimately, the public will have to decide if Palin is courageous like a Reagan ... or crazy like a Rod Blagojevich.

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