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February 20, 2010


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A very well expressed sentiment by a talented author. It is hard to a good piece about politics that leaves you on a good note but I think this one does. Although I remain pessimistic about a great deal of things, including the political right of this country to nominate a real republican for the oval office, Bruce is right that we can all effect the outcome by having this "fabian conservative" mentality that works to influence where it can. BTW, aren't the Fabians an elite social order bred in England? Some of them include JFK, Keynes, damn near most of the origional Fed Reserve members.

Philip France

In addition to Shaun, I also appreciate Mr. Walker's article but I think that a more counter-revolutionary movement needs to take place.

I suggest an audit of all laws by Constitutional scholars with a view to repeal all laws that do violence to our Constitution.

Our United States Constitutiton is written in clear and simple, black-and-white language. Even an imbecile should be able to comprehend its meaning. The erosion of our founding document has occurred through the dastardly use of one single word: "reasonable". Imbeciles can "reason". They do so incorrectly and inchorently, but they "reason" (or at least believe that they do) nonetheless. Let us throw out this filthy word that changes the clear, black-and-white language of our Constitution into a subjective and massive gray area.

Then let us strictly adhere to the language of our Constitution. After all, this is the most obvious reason that the United States of America has been the greatest, wealthiest and most prosperous nation in all of the world's history.

Larrry Rivera

People bitch and moan about a Mexican standing in a hardware store parking lot looking for work. Yet, nobody complains about this puddle of Canadian drool, pedaling his slobbering reactionary nonsense all over this country.

Brucie ought to hook up his sled dogs to the time machine he bounces around in and head back to his own country in another century where he’d fit in better. That is, unless he has a domestic partner in the United States. In which case, I guess he can stay. And we all know who that would be, don’t we?

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