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February 23, 2010


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Whitey Lawful

This man was arrested for the impression of the officers'.

Whitey Lawful

To whom it may concern,

The other day i thought i was posting a comment on the general site. I realise that i put the previous comment in relation to the topic above; it doesn't belong. Since it is there, i hope it is brought to your attention. As for the story, my previous post did not relate to... Government behavior of sorts is cliche, and trivial.


Beyond the point Selwyn most eloquently made, this type of assignment has nothing to do with education if education is defined as the transfer of factual data from one to another. This type of assignment is purely subjective in nature. Don't we have plenty of objective facts that are left unexpressed? This "deal with the Devil" assignment at best deals with situational ethics (a role of the parent not the teacher) and at worse encourages a child to dabble in the occult. I have known people who have dabbled in the occult and I assure you it is quite real.

Is not stating what you would expect in return for your soul, written in your own hand, a contract? Is not the name at the top of the paper a signature? If any child has completed this contract they should know that the Devil does not make the rules; God does. The age of accountability referenced in the Bible makes the contract null and void but they must claim it.

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