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February 05, 2010


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They were of course a response to centuries of islamic aggression and conquest of Christian lands.


Thank you, it was an Excellent article! Some of this I already know but some of it was new to me. I only wish kids learned this kind of history in school.


Thanks Selwyn, I will keep this one in my archives. It makes me just sick when I hear someone blabering about the imperialism of the Crusades. I also get a bit ticked off when I hear about "Holy Wars." Those were not Holy Wars at all, but a Borg like cult being fought off by Christians.

Philip France

An absolutely brilliant article by Selwyn Duke.

I can substantiate Selwyn's points, having read two excellent and relevant books:

1. The Life and Religion of Mohammed: The Prophet of Arabia by Rev. J.L. Menezes.

2. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) by Robert Spencer.

Woe unto those that revise history and distort the minds of future generations.


Being a lover of history myself, I would recommend reading about the Battle of Vienna in 1683.(as mentioned in this article) I couldn't prove it, but the cavalry assault envisoned in Peter Jackson's "Return of the King" is loosely modeled after the heroic cavalry charge by the Polish King Lebowski who honored his chrisitian word and came to the aid of Austria at their most dire moment. For other moments in history where brave christian souls stood against the slavery of Islam read about the Battle of Lepanto and the Siege of Malta, both are excellent stories of heroic military triumph. Good Article.

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