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March 21, 2010


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Spot on!


Time magazine is raw sewage, for the most part


The American WW2 soldier was the most fearsome adversary in battle and yet the most benevolent to those who surrendered... I used to like Hanks but now I refuse to watch any of his films because I can't stand the man.


If any have doubts about the Japanese atrocities they should also read about the rape and pillage of Nanking and all through their Pacific rampage.

Philip France

Forget about History class. Forrest Hanks failed lunch!

It is because of duplicitous morons like Hanks that I will seldom watch a movie. In fact, the only two that I have seen in theaters in the last decade is "The Passion of the Christ" and Ben Stein's "Expelled".

Illegitimi non coverundum.

Whitey Lawful

If we can't segregate by race, then we can't segregate at all.

Janis Nihart

I've seen WW2 propaganda posters at the D-Day Museum that ridicule the Japanese and how inferior they were. Right next to that poster was one glorifying the Chinese. Hanks is an idiot. He needs to go back there with an open mind.

Michael Bresciani

Duke always pops out good ones and this piece is no exception.

My late father and my brother dodged bullets in two wars. They were fighting our country's enemies and I can safely say the race of the enemy never entered their minds. Hank's retorts dishonors them.

To survive in Hollywood you must tow the line, but in Hollywood there are no lines. Soldiers, heroes, statesmen, founders, preachers, prophets and every decent man and woman are fair game.

God help this floundering nation.


It's a tragedy that one of our greatest actor has
become one of our greatest Gumps.


With regards to Tom Hanks - "Stupid is as stupid does".

Don Hank

Forrest Gump remains a cinematic masterpiece.
Too bad its lead actor is not as smart as the man he protagonized.

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