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June 14, 2010


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Congrats to the young man for not losing his cool. My blood pressure boiled over just watching this video. Once the man put his hand around my neck that would have been a swift strike to the throat with video tape to support the show. Maybe he was drunk, maybe he was hung over, or whatever. Regardless, a politician should know not to grab someone off the street less they are looking to crash and burn.

Philip France

Aren't Democrats supposed to be for "the little guy"? HAH!


I don’t like ambush reporting, either by amateurs or professionals, however all this joker had to do was walk away. This looked like assault to me. He had every right to say to the kid, “if you won’t tell me who I’m talking to I’m not answering your questions”, however he had no right to physically demand that information. He like so many other Democrats have forgotten who’s working for who.

It’s also interesting to note all the people who apparently have nothing to say about this incident. I mean they sure as hell seem vocal enough at other times on this site. Also, you can be sure that if this were a Republican it would be all over the news, except of course Republicans simply don’t act like this.


Well it seem that I should have done a little bit more checking. It has make the news, at least a little bit.


Well you are right, if it was a republican. It would have been all over the news. Congress would have held a special session and drug the congressman in for questioning. People would have demanded his resignation, imprisonment, etc.

But of course this was a democrat. So the wagons are circled.


Assault was not the answer. He sould have just kept walking....too easy; what a dolt.

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