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June 17, 2010


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Philip France

Selwyn Duke asks:

"I wonder, if there is a locality in which whites are only 20 percent of the voting-age population, with a black majority that has never elected a white candidate, will the feds roll into town and work the same voodoo?"

The answer, my friend, can be observed in the hellhole that calls itself Detroit, Michigan. It is my understanding that a Republican has not run for mayor in more than 40 years. You have a choice of a far left mayor or a mayor that is farther to the left.

The result? Unfortunately, it is not the utopia promised by leftists and modern “liberals”. Rampant crime (I have been there on a number of occassions); an adult illiteracy rate of about 50%; a high school dropout rate of well over 50% (some districts had a dismal graduation rate of a mere 21.7%) and the corrupt Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick who is being fitted for an orange jump-suit.

Equality of opportunity is what we all should endeavor for. Modern “liberals” and leftists seek equality of results. This can only be achieved through oppression and bloodshed.

Sue Blake

How long will we allow these injustices to be done?????
How long will we play "door mat" and allow the Government to run over us ??? "Together we stand---Divided we fall"

Doug H.

So, after all that, were any Hispanics voted into office? If not, what will the government do next?


The problem exist that the one man and one vote system has been the hall mark of our democracy, but goes against the grain of socialism and communism...not to mention sharia law. Decisions are made at the "ballot box". The sacredness of the ballot box becomes contaminated if a physical threat (Black Panther, KKK, union member,or anyone with an axe handle) stands at the door. Or, the numbers become objects of manipulation (registering dead folks to vote, re-zoning districts to capture more of one group than the other,etc.) When all else fails for these folks and the horizon looks bleak...or is interpreted by the "dept of injustice" as a hard sell...the principle is blatantly violated or manipulated by someone in power who thinks he has the ace. He takes one vote and multiplies it into several...with the idea that further manipulation of the "several" can "effect" his desired outcome. If you object, you may be subject to all the rant and rage of the legal system. The idea that the mention of God, the Bible, and particlarly the mention of Christ in the schools should be banned, was directly influenced by the threats of school boards being sued by an endless group of attorneys...not only school boards, but to the personal assets of the individual board members. This same principle or manipulative force now extends to "allowing" elementary school children...whose parents cannot say recieve condoms in the public school. This force of threats from being sued now extends from our "noble leader" to the State of Arizona, where 70% of the population sought some refuge behind a legislative bill to stop the murder, drug smuggling, kidnaping, and rampage of their countryside by an invasion of illegals. He and his cohorts had not even read the bill.

I agree with everything that Philip and Sue have stated. Unless the ballot box is kept sacred, we will not have a dogs chance at reversing this socialist path.
Out of an extremely successful propaganda machine, and other manipulative forces, this nation has been led through a delusional system of utopian unreal promises and lies to elect a man of steeped in socialism and communism from his parents, associations, friends and education...that it makes us wonder, "Was nobody looking or listening?" I pray that in this immediate future, we start soberly thinking, researching, evaluating, and knowing that outcomes cannot be guaranteed, only the opportunity to participate and to achieve with whatever God given talents our Maker has bestowed upon a free enterprise capitalist system. It can be no other way, or else we wind up as numbers and slaves to a socialist/communist government.


It's no longer possible to deny that leftists are absolutely sick in the head. Or so mendacious that they are deliberately setting out to destroy America as we know it. Either way these people need to be removed from public office and future Stephen Robinson's need to be prevented from serving in any kind of public office. This judge needs to be impeached. What he ruled is unconstitutional.

Laura L

Doug H., I suppose the next move would be to simply do away with elections and appoint people to hold office who match the demographic makeup of the area.

Philip France


Your most recent comment is prescient. That is exactly what the Obamunists have in mind: to do away with putatively democratic elections.

There is a bill being concocted by Senators Charles Schumer (D-NY) and John Conyers (D-MI) that is known as Universal Voter Registration. This is partly why the 2010 Census was transferrred from the oversight of the Department of the Interior to the White House Chief of Staff (namely, the incorrigibly evil Rahm Emmanuel).

The scope of this bill will allow illegal immigrants, prisoners and felons to have legal protection to vote (they will vote, by the research that I have studied, approximately 77% Democrat - which is to say Socialist/Marxist).

It is quite possible that the election of a questionable and inexperienced interloper named Barck Hussein Obama, II was the last democratic election of our once great Republic.

It is so delightful to see great women engage passionately in this debate. I firmly believe that it is women that now must save us. The Anglo-Saxon, heterosexual, Causcasian Crhistian male has been so demonized over the last 50 years that the MSM and academia has successfully and effictively emasculated us.

It is perhaps the time for ALL of us sober-minded Americans to take up our pitchforks,our lanterns and our axe-handles and to march on Washington, D.C. Perhaps it is time for us to accept the "course of human events" as defined in our Declaration of Independance and to "abolish" our government as this very same Declaration suggested.

Who among us has the ability to organize a 20-million-man march? The time is now.

Doug H.

Unofficial election results reported by Port Chester on its official website show that one Hispanic won a seat. Is that going to be enough to satisfy the Injustice Department, or will they require a 50/50 split?

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