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June 24, 2010


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Philip France

How on earth do we blame THIS on George W. Bush?

Excellent article Selwyn, but you offer no solutions.



American Gentile

I would like everyone to examine Yuri Bezmenov's testimony (ex-KGB psychological warfare agent) [1] wherein he states that the objective is demoralization, the inability of a healthy normal reaction to data which shows a risk to life or health. It is apparent that America is demoralized today. Yuri states in regard to recovery:

Well, the immediate thing that comes to mind is, of course, there must be a very strong national effort to educate people in the spirit of REAL patriotism, number one. Number two, to explain [to] them the real danger of socialist, communist, welfare state, Big Brother government.... The moment at least part of [the] United States population is convinced that the danger is real, they have to FORCE their government... to stop aiding Communism.

end quote

I would add that the main thing that has to happen is a religious revival and a return back to America's Judeo-Christian roots. When is the last time that this country had a nation wide prayer revival?


Philip France

Yes, AG. You are correct.

I have watched an 8-part series of Mr. Bezmenov’s lectures. The attack from the left is not as much about God, as leftists have their “gods” and worship them as religiously as the most fundamental evangelical (although they despise the concept of God-the Creator – thanks to Darwin, Marx, Freud, Holmes, etc.). No, the REAL enemy of the secular, humanist and atheist left is His Christ. This is what they fear. This is what drives their irrationality. This is what they intend to stamp out.

To them I say, “good luck with that”. I say this because he is coming back. When he returns, it is not going to be as the shepherd king of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. No siree: when he returns it will be as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS and he will kick some earballs! It will be then that the faithful can revel and rejoice for evermore.

Oh, happy day!


It is my belief that we are in the throes of a tremendous battle....and many with their hands out, expecting something for nothing, gold at the end of the rainbow, stand on the sidelines clapping, cheering, and asking for more. Many of whom have no earthly idea of what is going on around them. Expert propagandist have so bamboozled and numbed up their minds...that they have looked at this wonderful looking, well educated, velvet throated mystery man, and shouted..."He is for me". They didn't care if his mother was a die hard socialist, communist leaning, critical thinker philosopher....or that her parents were communist leaning and communist associated. They also didn't care if his mother married a Kenyan Muslim...which might have been a matter of having to, since she was three months pregnant when they decided to tie the knot. NO one seem to care that the tremendous stresses and strains of his early and formative years may have produced a psychological imprint of a pathological narcissist...after all, weren't Hitler, Napoleon, etc. of same like mind? When the second Muslim step father deserted the family again, a tremendous separation ensued...and this "stranger, in a strange land" tried to find himself through folks of like mind...communist or communist leaning. When Duke published her PhD was admitted they removed "all" the anti-US, anti-American, anti-Capitalist statments. So what did he "get" from his wonderful mother? Were any of you raised to "hate" the US...we had many who died defending her in wars past. God Bless them All.
Since old Rhett said "Frankly, I don't give a damn",,,which was the first time I was shocked to hear a curse word in a movie....the media, internet, and other forms of image and language transfer have become kind of misdirected. Even Hollywood has set aside a complete new genre...porno...and scouting cable channels at night will show you how much. Here's what this clash of philosophy has set out to do:
1. Demean and demoralize the spirit
2. Fracture and negate the family nucleus, with whatever means...including the promotion of homosexuality.
3. Render the national defense ineffective and sterile...demonize recruitment, marginalize benefits for veterans and wounded soldiers, mess up our nuclear arsenal, etc.
4. Collapse the economy and the dollar...increase the national debt to astronomical numbers by spending...such that it cannot be reversed or repaid by a capitalist system, thus socialism by default.
5. Divide and make minimal the influence of Christianity. Through the excuse of religious tolerance, promote the building of monumental mosque...and introduce the idea of sharia law.

Does the internet have any influence on all the above? Big time.

Sticks n Stones

Why can't people accept that this is just an informative article? I think Mr. Duke has left the solutions up to us. Take a look at the man in the mirror.

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