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June 21, 2010


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Philip France

Selwyn Duke has produced yet another blockbuster article and demonstrates, yet again, that he has a clear understanding of the problems that ail our society. His most profound assessment was this:

“the problem is the people. If we had exhibited more nobility ourselves and abided by the Constitution, there would be little opportunity for the powerful and well-connected to game the system.”

Lord Acton, warned us that “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
You can take that one to the bailed-out, government-owned bank.

Too many of us have fallen prey to the Marxist/Gramscian/Leninist idea of identity politics. This is manifest in the Republican vs. Democrat; Liberal vs. Conservative; religious vs. secularist/atheist debates that proceed ad nauseum.

Too few of us identify the problem as what it really is: Good vs. evil. Lord Acton was right. We cannot trust weak, check=pants, country club Republicans who borrow and spend. We can trust even less the fatally dishonest and outright evil Democrats who tax, borrow and spend-spend spend.

We need to elect Constitutionalist originalists as our leaders. Not lawyers. We need to ignore the campaign ads and sideshow debates. We must instead, watch what they do, rather than listen to what they say. We must also curb our appetite for entertainment. Everything that is presented to us through mass-media is intended to herd us like sheep toward a certain direction. Ask yourself, where are they leading me?

Selwyn is so very prescient in laying the blame at the feet of “we the people”. We elected an incompetent, inexperienced and radical Marxist who might not even be a citizen of this country to our highest office. A child (and a radical, petulant and arrogant one at that) now leads us. A man who is breaking every bone in our body-politic one-at-a-time and as quickly as he can.

My friends, a revolution has taken place in our hallowed land and it is nearly complete and irreversible. Wake up. Grab your lanterns, your pitchforks and your axe-handles and fight this enemy at every turn.


Yes, great article Selwyn! The real problem is we have strayed far from the proper role of government, a fallen into a neo-mercantilism/fascist, economic/governmental model. Americans do not understand the proper role of government not the role of the Law!!! The only way we can drag ourselves out of this (without blood shed) is education and civic action. The problem we face is not party specific, since the parties really have no true charter. The difference between the two it seems is they each have a slightly different idea of how to manage their livestock. I contend we are not livestock. I will stop short of my rant on this one, and recommend one of the best essay/pamphlet/short books on the topic, that I believe all should read. It was written in 1850 by a Frenchman named FRÉDÉRIC BASTIAT..."The Law". see attached PDF link...

Philip France


I thank you for the link and I promise to pursue it. You say that:

"The problem we face is not party specific, since the parties really have no true charter. The difference between the two it seems is they each have a slightly different idea how to manage their livestock."

I agree with you largely. Party-politics has been ruinous, as predicted by George Washington. Too many of us vote knee-jerk for whatever party that we affillitae with.

In my observation, both parties are hopelessly corrupt. The Republican party has demonstrated that they are less likely to raise your taxes or take your guns and that is, in my estimation, the "key" difference.

I insist that the time is upon us to consider the imperitive from our own Declaration of Independance to abolish our government and start over. This may, and will likely require bloodshed. Let's hope not, but let us move in that direction regardless. We will have had Jefforson's endorsement and blessing.


Philip, I promise you will enjoy "The Law." When reading it I see Bastiat was a key influence to the great minds of the last 100 years.

Savant Noir

Excellent article! Another bit of information that plays a role in all you say here is how Clinton restructured the 'free enterprise' system with FACA and the manner in which grants were to be funded.

To anyone that has a modicum of corporate awareness, the way the game is played these days is through NGOs (non-government organizations) and PPPs (public-private partnerships).

Historically it is interesting to note that Hitler created his fascist regime by using public-private alliances, whereas Communist Russia built their regime via social reform. The Democrats are using social reform via NGOs, while the Republicans are using PPPs. Both parties are two opposing arms, each connected to the same body with the same end-game in sight. They are colluding with each other while outwardly giving an appearance of being "different".

The Obama administration is heavily using NGOs. Using "climate change" as an example, we know that AL Gore has refused public debate on this issue and said "there is nothing to debate, the argument is made climate change is real". Over 700 scientist filed a report to the Senate with the conclusion that it was all hogwash. These were not mamby-pamby wannabe's either, names like Frank Tippler were included. Have you heard any individual or group with a loud public voice to undermine the notion of AGW? Nope.

The reason is NGOs. The laws underscoring approval as consultative status to the White House or Congress requires that the NGO subscribe to their agenda, support the candidate publicly, and reflect outcomes consistent to their mandate. In other words: "produce me reports that support evidence that man created climate change, and we will give you $10 million (or whatever amount).

Further, FIDO maintains 1,000 accredited organizations at any given time. The Executive and Legislative Branches must draw from this list of approved NGOs. All of these NGOs on the list are United Nations accredited CSO's. (Civil Society Organizations). CSO's are NGO's that have obtained consultative status with the UN. Of the 1,000 U.S. NGOs, there is not a single one that represents American citizens.

These business receive HUGE amount of our taxpayer money to frame policy, promote acceptance, create guidelines, toolkits, educational promotion, and local implementation.

If you happen to oppose their political agenda, the Tides Foundation (among many others, have what is known as "incubator programs". They receive grant money to create NGOs whose sole purpose is to squash the opposition. They are short-lived, being organized only for specific purposes. The Tides Foundation has created over 800 such NGOs since Obama took office.

Big Business is in bed with both the Left and the Right to foist in their unified globalist vision. The "free-market" is not so free, it has been perverted to mean only this: "you are either a player, or you are left out". Period.

And what is the game plan? Well that hasn't changed one bit since 1992--Agenda 21. Just by looking at the 40 chapter titles of Agenda 21 you could predict how all these laws and legislation is seeking only to fulfill the mandates set forth by Agenda 21. (signed by G.H. Bush, 1992). Never heard of it?

Isn't it amazing then to discover that the United Nations ESOSCO- Department of Sustainable Development just held their 18th conference in New York City this past May 3rd - 14th. Present where all 50 signatory nations and 2,146 CSO's. This is MUCH Bigger than any G20 summit meeting. Not one single word on any TV, newspaper, magazine, or radio. Who says the government can't keep a secret?

One of the chapter titles of the 40 chapters contained within Agenda 21 is: [i]Strengthening the roles of NGOs.[/i], while another is [i]Strengthening Partnerships[/i], and yet another [i]Strengthening Unions.[/i]

The good news is: YOU have a life plan! The bad news: It is being planned by someone else.

Philip France


It's great to see you back again. Where have you been?

Your post leads back to my suggestion that We the People act to abolish our government, as it is our right according to our Declaration of Independance.

What say you?

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