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July 02, 2010


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Robert Berger

Selwyn,you're in the wrong field. You could become fabulously wealthy in the fertilezer business, because that's how full of it you are.
This asinine rant does nothing but rehash the same old tired canards about President Obama. Wright's rantings don't prove anything about our current president.
And what about all the right-wing presidents and Washington politicos who routinely attend sermons by bigoted evangelist preachers who claim to be men of God yet spew endless mindless hatred of gay people and others they disapprove of? Where's the conservative outrage?
The silence is deafening. What about when that bigoted imbecile Sally Kern an Oklahoma politico,at around the same time as when the Wright brouhaha began, who made an idiotic speech in which she claimed that "homosexuals are a greater threat to America than terrorism"? Where was the conservative outrage?
What a bunch of rank hypocrites you Neanderthal right-wingers are ! And it's an insult to Neanderthals to call you that,because they were probably much nicer people than you and your ilk are, and much more intelligent.
I feel ashamed of an America in which a bigoted dolt like Kern could be elected to public office. Or other contemptible excuses for statesmen like Jim De Mint and
Michelle Bachmann.
When that idiot Joseph Farah of World Nut Daily (my spelling) recently stated that he wanted Jim De Mint to run for president with Michelle Bachmann as his running mate in 2112 I felt like vomiting.
These two leading America? The thought is too horrible to contemplate.If you think Obama is bad....

JJ Suprise

Yea Robert, you just go ahead keeping your head buried deep in the sand sir. Reading your little rant made me want to vomit!

The "change" must be working out great for you.

JJ Suprise
Sandy, Utah

PS. Thanks Mr. Duke for another level headed article.


...about the NY Post's revealing J Wright article - if a conservative euro white bread seminary was to teach and support the opposing view point IT WOULD LIKELY BE SHUT DOWN! It is interesting how truth and the empirical can have what it is supposed to: a positive and a negative pole. Yet (as the rant BERGER above reveals) there is such negative polarization and blacks have become so victim hood orientated via the party of political correctness that they cannot see outside of the hate that envelopes them = especially as to see that the balance to selflessness - the core to any law that upholds common good - is lost. It is virtually impossible for pc black folks to get that it is just as bigoted for one to with-hold the vote from a black person on racial grounds as it would be to vote FOR them simply because they black. I appears that a pc person (of color or not) is incapable of IQ because they are smitten by the super low EQ derived from victim hood mentalities.
OF COURSE WHAT one has to understand is the power of PC. It is the replacement of truth with emotion. It is the removal of masculinity
and courage and putting feelings above it all. A dangerous place to be as is seen via the deaths of millions in Marxist regimes when overtaken by the same sentimentality that leaves people vulnerable to be murdered simply for population control.
One thing is clear: We now have leader who cannot rule inside the concept of laws because he is a pc EQ pusher and rules with money and emotion and the degree to which the nation itself is pc oriented shows up in the fact that the man could have been impeached and would have been as little as thirty year ago for stealing corporate money to give to the unions which shows how little weight law and truth has in our new pc construct.


Robert Berger said:
"And what about all the right-wing presidents and Washington politicos who routinely attend sermons by bigoted evangelist preachers who claim to be men of God yet spew endless mindless hatred of gay people and others they disapprove of? Where's the conservative outrage?"
Political Correctness Robert, has you so rampant that the emotion that replaces reality (hysteria) is is so high in you that conviction ITSELF - that is seeing yourself in need of ANYTHING infuriates you. As I see it the churches willing to make stand against gender in-distinction are the ONLY ones that have anything DISTINCT to say and are willing to stand for a truth that should be as self evident as a penis and a vagina = and hello = if that is not truth WHAT IS?
When feelings displace truth to this degree truth is 100% relative and then evaporates right along with the freedom that its accountability provides. You sir are the problem and what is tearing at the very fabric that holds our nation together - that around which family and community rely. The narcissism and spoiled self entitlements that you strive for via presuming on the grace built into our constitution is why the founders wondered if we could really keep it. We - via folks like you - are finding out that freedom is in the accounting itself not in its removal...


Selwyn, thanks again for a great article. I really feel sorry for Berger. Such a mind, drowning in his own vomit of very important missed facts that are taking this country down a pure road of destruction. Berger seems to have the same affliction as Obama. Could it go something like this...."because I too hate this country, I could not have heard anything I disagreed with, so I don't remember". If Berger is a Semite, then he has to be deaf, dumb, and not in a lucid period....cause all that is coming out of south Chicago is mostly anti-Semitic. Why? Could it be that a large part of the population are black Muslims? Even Wright himself is a "possible" converted Muslim...the same as BHO. If Berger is a Marxist, he reflects a fanatical view of his beliefs and fails to see what is really happening to this once wonderful nation we "once" had. Or, he rejoices in it. As the level of crap continues to ooze to the level of our ears, there will come an "uprising" to save our "drowning" souls...and if "any intimidation" exist at the election polls...we on the ground may look at it with an unkind regard. It is mandatory at this point to clean house. Obama has neither the ability nor fortitude to function as president of this emotionally manipulated and laden numbed up crowd elected a complete stranger to our ways of life and living, who has done all he can to reverse it all. The time has come to stand up, act, and be counted. That process may require more than beatitudes...but a firmness you have never experienced in your lifetime. "We on the pavement looked at him...he was a gentleman from sole to crown, admirably schooled in every fact made us wish we were in his place...then one calm summer night...." The level of anger in the populace is so high that I guarantee you we have passed the level of recognition of being manipulated into a Marxist government. Most of us are willing to fight one way or another. It has become past time in cleaning must be done now. Even if done now, the clean up may be as bad as the disease for a short while...but we shall "overcome". It has to be done at the election polls. Obama has been guilty of many impeachable actions and decisions. The Gulf Coast is only one of them.

Robert Berger

My pointing out the bigotry of right-wingers has absolutely nothing to do with political correctness.
I a liberal(moderate), and I loathe political correctness and multiculturalism. But I have equal loathing for the hypocritical blather of the right about "family values" and "traditional values", and "protecting life",making government smaller "respecting" the constitution, "limited" government and all those stupid right wing code words which are nothing but smokescreens for turning this great country into a fascist,theocratic police state no better than communist dictatorships.
I infuriate right-wingers and left-wingers with my views,and am opposed to tyranny of any kind.
But I repeat-there's infinitely more threat of tyranny in America from the right than the left today.


So let me get this straight. Anybody who supports and talks about family values, protecting life, protecting the constitution, smaller government, etc. is a hypocrite. I’m a little confused. Is it only the people who talk about them who are bad or the things themselves that are bad?

If you think they are not good, please, if you can, using unemotional, rational, intelligent reason explain WHY???? What is bad about these things?
1. Family values
2. Protecting life
3. Protecting the constitution
4. Less government

Robert Berger

Janice,apparently you can't read. I made it perfectly clear that these code words "Family Values","Protecting Life", "Protecting The Constitution" and "Less Government" are just smokescreens for the REAL conservative agenda of turning America into a repressive right-wing tyranny.These terms sound wonderful to gullible conservatives like you, but they disguise something terribly sinister.
And furthermore you can't "protect life" by making abortion illegal,because women will always find a way to get abortions. Life was never "protected" before Roe v Wade. Abortions were very common,and many women died or were were seriously hurt by botched illegal abortions.The law was never enforced because there was no way to do this.
And conservative suse the constitution to justify their own prejudices. Many conservatives who are opposed to abortion and who think that homosexuality should be illegal etc want to use the constitution as an excuse not to preserve freedom, but to take our freedom away.
And since when is homophobia a "family value"?
Wake up conservatives ! Our freedom is under attack not from the Obama administration and liberal democratic politicians in Washington but from the right and the religious right !

Right Wing zealot

Its true guys. Im trying to steal your freedoms. With my anti-abortion position I truly mean to control women's productive rights. With my anti-homosexual agenda I plan on exterminating homosexuals. My freedom of religion is really freedom to impose my religion on all. Death to non-christians!!! We should exterminate and enslave all who disagree, do this in the name of freedom, I command thee!

Right Wing Movement

Sticks n Sones

Mr. Berger, You have yet to tell us what the code words for this claim of yours really is.

I quote you; "code words "Family Values","Protecting Life", "Protecting The Constitution" and "Less Government" are just smokescreens for the REAL conservative agenda of turning America into a repressive right-wing tyranny.

Janice tried to get an honest answer out of you, but it seems you are only capable of opinions w/o any common sense answers. Perhaps her question was too indirect?

If that is the case, I will come right out and ask you:
What is "Family Values" a code word for?
What is "Protecting Life" a code word for?
What is "Protecting the Constitution" really a code word for?
And last, but certainly not least, what is "Less Government" a code word for?

Don't be shy. Speak up and enlighten all of us who don't think any of these things are something to be spit upon or taken in the subjective context.

And can anyone tell me why Obama would abide by a 1920 protectionist law and ignore the Constitution, which he seems to think is a living document? What a time for him to begin following the law.

I just watched the 2006 movie, V for Vendetta, which I am told, is a leftist cult classic. Strange thing is, I see the left promoting all the abuses the movie blames on the right. Anyone else see this movie?

Mr. Duke, another great article for those with eyes to see. And for those who don't see, keep reading Mr. Duke's articles until they penetrate your thick skull.

Keep the Aspidistra flying!

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