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July 27, 2010


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Philip France

Right ON Selwyn Dyke!

Your final paragraph has me most excited:

“So free yourself. Laugh at the "racism" shtick. Make it a badge of honor. Call leftists what they are: cowards, bigots, liars, demagogues, and worst of all by far, enemies of Truth. Fight fire with fire. Remember, millions of good Americans are sick and tired of political correctness and will stand with you. So just say to our leftist legal aliens: If you like name-calling and you want to fight, OK. I'm a racist, sexist homophobe, and I'm in your face. What's it to ya?”

To put this in my own context, I have just finished reading “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals” by Saul D. Alinsky. These are the tortuous and twisted thoughts of an evil genius. My beloved lady-friend asked me why it has taken me so long to read it (knowing that I devour books with rapidity). I responded by explaining to her that there is only so much that I can take. This man is a genius. He is brilliant. He understands history, the Bible, human pathos and tendencies… and yet his conclusions are entirely wrong (as in evil). It has been enlightening for me to learn of his evil genius, however I am left sickened. Seriously so.

Selwyn Duke is poignantly correct in his assertion that “leftists are cowards”. They are. They retreat to speech codes and refusal to permit rebuttal to their anti-intellectual suppositions. They are merchants of ephemera. The controversial Roe v. Wade case was decided by a judicial opinion citing “emanances of pnumbras”. These words do not even pass spell-check! And yet they adjudicated the arbitrary murder of more than 50 MILLION human lives, more than 70% of them Americans of dark skin.

For far too many years and decades, we on the socio-political and moral right have been dismissed and disparaged by the socio-political and amoral left as bigots, sexists and homophobes when all evidence and fact are entirely to the contrary. It is not enough that we deny these false allegations. We must mount an offensive.

Ridicule these vermin leftists. Insult their lack of knowledge of history. Insult their hypocrisy. Ask them, how was FDR and his policies NOT socialism? Demand of them, “How did this help?”. Ask of them, “Was President Woodrow Wilson a liberal progressive or a fascist when he instituted Prohibition? Did he anticipate that this measure would empower illegitimate and illegal crime organizations?”

Ask them how LBJ’s “War on Poverty” resulted in MORE (in fact, MUCH more) poverty and not less? Ask them also how the so-called “Community Reinvestment Act” resulted in the housing melt-down and our present financial malaise. Your answer will be blank stares from the intellectually honest and outward hostility from everyone else.

We have been playing “nice” and respecting the ill-informed opinions of the America Left for far too long. We of traditional and exceptional and Judeo/Christian America tolerate too much bullshit from our opposition who, I admit, we would dearly love to enlighten and welcome to a more positive and eternal worldview.

In closing, I remark that our individual liberties (this is especially true of you intellectual fascists that describe yourselves as “liberals” or “progressives”) are under the most serious threat since our Nation’s founding. Those that today consider themselves “liberals” and “progressives” have the most to lose and would do well to befriend those of us that bespeak of liberty and veritas. History has repeatedly demonstrated that you are the first to go.

Robert Berger

Phil, you're just spouting more right-wing poppycock,just like Selwyn in his latest post.First of all,being a liberal does not necessarily mean that you're one of those stereotypical politically correct,multicultutural,marxism and communism loving,
Castro,Che,Mao and Stalin-loving,paranoid about seeing racism everywhere jerks you wrongly portray as being typical of liberals.
I'm not. I've never believed in marxism or communism,have never had the slightest admiration for
murderous communist dictators,don't hate America and don't blame it for all the world's ills and all that nonsense, but I also reject the narrow-mindedness,intolerance and self-righteousness and religious fananticism of many right-wingers,their hypocritical opposition to abortion rights while not giving a *&%#@ about the unborn after they are born,
their homophobic bigotry,their approval of allowing the government into our bedrooms and all that garbage too.
No,not all conservatives are racist, but some most definitely are.And to say that leftists started racism is beyond idiotic. Racism has absolutely nothing to do with any one's political and social views.
But I reject with contempt the notion that Obama is in any way a racist.He's not such a bad guy at all.
People have every right to criticize him,but it's about time that the demonization of Obama ended.But you pathetic right-wing jerks will say anything bad about him whether it's true or not.
As far as I and many other Americans are concerned,George W. Bush was an atrocious president who was beyond incompetent and has done incalculable harm to America and the world. But I don't hate him,because he's not evil,but was simply terribly misguided.
I'm against tyranny whether it's tyranny of the communist kind or tyranny of the right-wing kind.

Robert Berger

Another thing Phil. When you say that Roe v Wade caused the "mirder of 50 million" you are dead wrong.
Illegal abortion was already very common in America before Roe v Wade,and would have remained so even without that supremem court decision.
People who think that we would have 50 million more people in America if abortion had remained techincally illegal after 1973 are deluding themselves.
Making abortion illegal never stops abortions,but merely makes abortion much more dangerous.
Many,many women died from botched illegal abortions before 1973 and many more will die our government is stupid enough to make it illegal again.
The law was almost never enforced anyway,because there was no way to do it, and illegal abortion was rampant.Since 1973,only a tiny handful of women have died from illegal abortions.
Do we want to go back to this again?
If this government provided more help to poor pregnant women,married or single,to provide decent food,shleter,education and medical care for their children,born or unborn,there would be far fewer abortions here.But hypocritical conservatives don't want the government to do this because that would be"socialism".
And to imply as you do,the fac that so many of the abortions which take placew in America are by black women is the result of some sinister racist plot to reduce the number of blacks and hispanics here is idiotic. That high abortion rate is due to poverty and nothing but poverty. The tragically high abortion rate among black women will never decrease until this nation is able to decrease poverty among blacks.

Sondra in Arkansas

One of your best yet, Mr. Duke. We're finally getting down to the nitty-gritty. This article needs to be read, emailed, posted on billboards, plastered on t-shirts, and shouted from the rooftops!

My bugaboo has always been with the sports culture that has taken over our schools, rears its ugly head every time you pick up a newspaper or magazine to read, and has invaded the homes of many erstwhile "good" solid patriotic Americans. If you will stop watching sports altogether, stop allowing your children to participate in such garbage the left calls "sportsmanship" and turn your back on all the gang crap that comes with sports these days, you'll be surprised how much cleaner your head and mind will be. I swear, it's amazing.


And then there's this little gem from the Tea Party spokesperson- that the NAACP, " makes more money off of race than any slave trader ever."

Both sides have been, are, and always will be at fault, to consider one side better is to pretend a square has 5 sides, and propagating cookie-cutter versions of the "typical" Liberal and "typical" Conservative makes the supposed rift in this country between Red and Blue that much more real (which is unfortunate), when in actuality, being one or the other is no one-way ticket to having the stereotypical beliefs, opinions, etc.

Joshua Cooley

Think about this: Racism is a natural right. It's a cab driver's right to charge black customers more. If the blacks in the cab drivers area tend to live in the ghetto, a more dangerous area, then it would make sense to. More risk = more payout. That's not to say that black customers are inherently more dangerous fair, but much of the time blacks do TEND to live in rougher neighborhoods. Of course the driver wouldn't set out to charge black customers more; doing such a thing would probably hurt his profits. That's just how it would turn out. There is no violation of rights in charging anyone any price for a cab ride; it is a private contract between the driver and the passenger. If someone is willing to pay more for a cab ride than the white man before him, that is his choice. The free market will tend to be racist only when it is justified. For instance, it probably wouldn't help me to hang a sign on my restaurant entrance that said "no niggers".

BTW your blog would be a lot better if you dropped the "left vs. right" crap. It sounds a lot more intelligent to disagree with individual ideas than to disagree with "the liberals".

Joshua Cooley

I don't think the government should help people out of poverty, AND I don't think abortion is wrong. What's it to ya?


Selwyn typicaly neglects to reflect on the idea that "rascism" as a charge is about trying to improve ourselves and our society. Sure it is thrown around lightly at times, (less so than the charge of socialism/communism/fascism against your president). The reason that we started to use terms like rascism, bullying, sexism, homophobia is that we started to realise that careless cruelty not only hurt minorities it diminishes us as a society.

Philip France

Dearest Yoyo;

Welcome back to being so farcically wrong. If you had any concept of American History, you would understand that those that presently scream "race" in a crowded nation are the same Leftist Democrats that opposed the Civil Rights movement in the early and mid 1960's.

These ideologues included George Wallace, Lestor Maddox, William Fulbright, and the late Senator Robert "Sheets" Byrd: former Grand Kleagle (read that again) of the KKK (read THAT again). Sen. Byrd once fillibistered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by standing up and talking repeatedly for 48 HOURS! Now who are the racists? What do they have in common? They were all DEMOCRATS!

You foolish child. You probably categorically demonize the entire American Republican Party as racist without the faintest idea that the Republican Party was FOUNDED on an abolutionist platform. That's right. This movement was brought about by fearless Christian Evangelicals. I'll bet your little red history book failed to mention that.

No, o ye of little brains. It is leftists and Democrat leaders who are the REAL racists. They think so little of people of color that they demand "Affirmative Action" for minorities; which, in actuality and effect, says that "Sorry, boy. We don't believe that you can make it without our help: so you surrender your human dignity and we will promote you, whether you deserve it or not". A knucklehead like you probably cannot fathom how such idiocy and such disregard for human achievement potential only serves to cast doubts and aspersions on EVERY person of color that achieves (escpecially our current "President").

Are you intellectually honest enough to read the works of "Uncle Toms" such as Thomas Sowell, Dr. Walter E. Williams, Prof. Ellis Washington. Read "My Grandfather's Son by Associate SCOTUS Justice and the venerable Clarence Thomas. Read the books and artciles by the brilliant astro-physicist Guillermo Gonzales. Put your money where your mouth is or forever be subject to the doubt of which that hole is for.

Lastly, your veiled attempts at mitigating the charges of socialist/communist/fascist that are presently being laid at the feet of our "President" are very real and justified. This inexperienced man-child and hopeless ideologue has done more harm to our Constitutional Republic and economy and done so more rapidly than Peron in Argentina, Chavez in Venezuela and even Castro in Cuba.

Little girl, you may be an an adult in years, but you are child in mind. Isn't it time that you grew up?


To put the record straight on socialist/communist/fascist. Obama is not a fascist but he is a communist/socialist. Bush, Clinton, Bush II and most of the Presidents since Wilson, perhaps with the exception of Reagan were Fascist. Socialist/communist/fascist are all in the same family mind you, but where Obama steps over to communist is he is officially nationalizing sectors of the, what was, fascist puppet show of business and government buying and selling favors and power. I call it a puppet show because business really has none of the leverage in the fascistic arrangement because the gov't has the monopoly of force. Fascism is socialism obscured by a puppet show, for the purpose of division of the masses. Half of us say "big business bad" and the other half say "big government bad." They are the same. The only way to fix it is separation. Government has no business in business...they only mess things up. The results of this fascistic relationship is an exponential myriad of unintended consequences...and they know it. The mounting pile of unintended consequences labeled as "the free market failure" drives the small minded to beg the government to act, they beg for central planners to take it all over and fix things; enter communism.


Racism as a charge is about improving our society? Holy ####, that was about the dumbest thing I've heard in a week. Damn woman, how do people grow up thinking like you do? "Racist" as a charge is nothing more than a scape goat for people to wiggle out of responsibility. Tell me please! What is a racist? I'd love to hear a definition.



Hi boys, back again, sorry you missed the point. I did not say that all republicans or even all teapartiers are rascist. that would be a stupid thing to say. I also agree that the term rascist is thrown around too easily. I agree that originally the democrats were on the wrong side of efforts to address the wrongs done to the descendents of slaves and other people of colour. Particularly for shaun, I will type slowly the point I was TRYING to make, is that calling out behaviour and statements that denigrate and or damage people based solely on their perceived 'race' is an attempt to make our society fairer.

HOWEVER, calling someone rascist is usually counterproductive, it is far more useful and acurate to focus on the behaviour, for example; "Hey joe you are a rascist" is only going to get Joe's back up where as "Hey Joe, do you know that those jokes you keep making about wetbacks/pollacks/blacks etc are really rascist" is more likely to get a positive response eg: A)Joe may stop being a total prat at least around you and b) you have not participated in hateful speech.

Finally Walt I'm not going to get into the catagory error that is the recent American conflation of communism with fascism and nazi-ism, I think it's a cultural thing that some americans appear to subscribe to at the momment. I would argue with Government has no business in business...they only mess things up.. Tell that to the young women burned at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, or the people of Bopal. Without government safety requirements on business some/many businesses will do nothing to protect their workers or their communities from danger or exploitation. Would you really prefer to work in a total free for all system like much of china?

Philip France

"Would you really prefer to work in a total free for all system like much of china? "

Say what? Are you totally insane or just drunk?

Yoyo, it is apparent and evident when you post after your fourth glass of wine. We love you much more in the morning when the effects of caffeine compensate for the previous evening's self-indulgence.

Coherance is cherished by one and all.

The most dangerous statement that you made, and I cite this as evidence that you are nothing more than an overgrown child is this: "an attempt to make our society fairer."

I do not know how old (or young) you are but you should have noticed by the age of, say, twelve that life is inherently unfair. Some of us have gifts and talents that are percieved as having more culturally valuable or economically preferred than that of others.

Bear with me here, because if we were to have this conversation face-to-face you would agree.

Life is unfair. It is unfair that you cannot sing like Aretha Franklin. It is unfair that I cannot hit a baseball like Albert Pujols. Yet we accept this unfairness and appreciate it daily. We pay these individuals huge sums of money for their talents, despite the fact that their skill offers nothing of material value.

Despite this, ALL of us are miracles. Each of us is an unexplained phenomenon of creation. Inherently, and in the eyes of God, you and I are no more or less valuable than Aretha Franklin and Albert Pujols.

My brotherly advice to you is this: Since we are ALL miracles of creation, why not take advantage of each unique gift that we, one and all, possess: our identities as unique and extraordinary creations of a loving Creator who has given us the ability of observation and the capacity to understand it for ourselves and to express it to others.

Darling, where you err is when you succumb to mindless group-think and accepting (and subsequently extolling) the supposed virtues of Leftist "thought" that history has long proven to be a failure.

I will even throw you an intellectual bone by quoting a pothead Rastafarian (namely, the late Bob Marley): "Emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our own mind".


Philip France


Phil, you are a sweet boy, but i must admit i am totally lost about this response. Let me take it step by step and you can tell me where I've stumbled into the twilight zone, ok?

OK step Walt states that government has NO role in business. step 2 I give examples where lack of govermental oversight has caused the deaths of many, thereby implying that some govermental legislation/oversight is needed to address the most egregious treatment of staff and environment. step 3 you respond by stating I dont believe that humans have unequal gifts (faceplant)

Now my sweet please explain how you get from 2 to 3. Particularly since your point does not sum up my beliefs. After all I went to a selective highschool and continued at what you would call an "Ivy league" uni, however I cant throw a ball to save my life or sing like Billy Holiday. Probably most of us are similar in that way, above the curve in some areas deficient in others. What that has to do with a discussion about rascism I shudder to think, hoping it's just a wandering from topic. Regards.


Yoyo, You confuse government with law. I did not say there was no room for law in business only government. Here is a really good read if you are interested. "The Anatomy of the State" Murray Rothbard.

Perhaps you will see where I am comming from by reading that or if not here is another. "The Law" by Fredrick Bastiat


Walt that is an interesting distinction however I do have two questions for you:
1. In a democratic society, who makes the law? (I know the Right often gets terminally upset over "activist" judges); and
2. Once you have the legislation, who enforces it if not government agencies? Would you argue for the role of the EPA for example to be privatised or farmed out to quasi citizens militias?

I think where this debate has become very messy IMHO, is that there ARE strong arguments to constantly review and prune unneccessary or unworkable governement involvement/expenditure but one man's wasteful spending is another man's crucial lifeline, so the balance of competing needs is difficult.
Where the tea party I think loses it, is by calling for the abolition of the tax department or all federal spending (except your version of old peoples pensions - Medicaid is it?- wonder why, Hmmmm). They sound like extremists, kind of Ron Paul clones. However, at the same time, many of them are social conservatives who want MORE goverment control over social issues - who can marry whom, abortion etc. It's a mess.


Yoyo, since you obviously did not look into either one of the links I provided arguing with you is really worthless, however I would like to know what basis you stand on when calling Ron Paul and extreemist. My hunch is it is because other lemmings say it is so, but that does not work for me. In order for you to have any standing in an argument you must back your position.


walt, I did in fact scan the first link however, I was turned off early by two points a an extremely/obsessively negative view of both government and the state and b the use of the out their definitions as fact. for example the state is a predatory robber barron that is only there to maximise force against the poor people or b the government is totally "other", what that means for those that work in or participate with government I shudder to think.

Re Ron Paul, some of what he says I find very appeally, generally I prefer many libertarian impulses to social conservative impulses particularly regarding foreign policy. However, the gold standard? getting rid of the education department? the journals on the knuckle dragging supremacist sites he wrote for? I am interested in how social and religious conservatives would cope with Ron Pauls wish to repeal drug law for example. Maybe you can shed some light, or is it a case where people close their eyes to the bits they dont like?


Yoyo, I am sorry you didn't like Rothbard's paper however, just because you don't want to beilive it does not make it false. The government does have the monopoly of force and uses it.

To Ron Paul. What do you find particularly wrong with the gold/silver standard? What is wrong with real money? The reason the world is in the shape it is in is largley due to the fact that the government has allowed private banks to print money at will which of course devalues it the rest causing inflation. Do you like the economy of the world being in the hands of a few people? Here is my argument for real money I wrote a while back

As to the education dept. This is not a Federal function! This is a states issue! It has failed most horribly like all government monopolies. My particular view on the matter is, there must be private sector competition for the highest and best results. We must have objectives when it comes to education and not judge sucess by classroom hours or dollars spent. The American education system is a train wreck that is only good at one thing...conditioning.

Knuckle dragging supremisist sites??? What an assinine statement.

Drugs. Big issue but the bottom line is if a person wants to destroy themselves let them have at it. The war on drugs has had an almost identical effect as prohibition. How the "social and religious conservitives" deal with it is really irrelevant the failure of the policies of the last 50 years is too apparent. The basis of our constitution is Liberty and Liability. These drug users sould have the liberty to ruin themselves and should not be jailed unless they infringe upon someone elses liberty...liability. If you like Paul's liberatarian message at all you just might enjoy The Law by Bastiat.


walt we finally agree on something!!!!Drugs. Big issue but the bottom line is if a person wants to destroy themselves let them have at it. The war on drugs has had an almost identical effect as prohibition.


Mind you unfortunately in the american market is best system, it's not the government that has the only conrol over force Haliburton anyone?

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