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July 04, 2010


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Robert Berger

Let's face it Selwyn;the only reason you call Kagan"unqualified" is because you don't agree with her views.
And it's absolutely disgusting the way you mention Stalin and Mao et al, making it sound as though Kagan were some evil communist out to take all our freedoms away and turn America into another communist dictatorship.
Talk about disingenuousness !
Like Obama, Kagan has been the victim of a massive smear campaign by the right,filled with half-truths,distortions,innuendo,and outright lies.
She doesn't strike me a a left-wing extremist in the least,and ironically,some real left-wingers have complained that she's much too conservative !
She appears to be a level-headed,fair-minded and reasonable jurist.
But the REAL judicial activists are jurists on the right. It's they who want to use the constitution as an excuse to justify their own conservative prejudices,and they are the real threats to freedom in America.
I was flabbergasted to hear recently that some right-wingers would like to see the rightly disgraced judge Roy Moore of Alabama on the supreme court.
This would be like putting a member of the KKK on the leadership of the NAACP.


Robert, you really are mentally ill. I have never seen a person more numb to facts and reason than you. You make a great communist.


Robert, you missed the point entirely. A judge must not have views; if they do they must suppress them. Views are for politicians and law makers, not judges. Judges are to find facts and rule on the facts no matter how it aligns with their beliefs or personal bents. If Ms. Kagan can do so she will be a fine judge, but by her past comments one can certainly doubt it will be so. Judges were never intended to be an extension of a president's agenda. FDR was among the first to radically transform that tradition. To a leftist any means justify their ends.


Robert, Could it be that you came down the same pike as the anointed one? If so, you would have had an over dose of socialism and communism, tinctured by an overlay of Islam. If you can see, hear, and feel....our country is presently experiencing the end point of forces fanatically determined to push it into a socialist/communist form of government, with the high probability of the expression of sharia law in many sections of large cities. Obama has not had the interest of the majority will of the people in major mandates that were forced by hook or crook through the congress. Obama, of course, was a Constitutional law major at Harvard. His astronomical spending, his control of large industries, his control of the medical field, his control of many aspects of banking and his disasterous management of the largest tragedy to effect the entire Gulf Coast, not to mention his misguided interference instead of federal help to Arizona...places him solidly on the road to trying to transform our capitalist system into a socialist/communist one. Soros loves it. His Czars love it. His cabinet loves it. And many, if not most, of his left wing Congress love it.
Obama could really care less about any of the above...why?...they are kind of self propulsed forces toward his goals. What he is really interested in is proving to the numbed up, propagandized, easily fooled and led electorate that he can "transform the Constitution" That is his ultimate goal and prize. Kagan is his first ace in the hole in accomplishing that task. His second ace in the hole will come when Ginsberg...who has one foot in the grave already, decides to pass or step down. With those aces in place...he will attack strongly and successfully the banning of all guns. That single effort spelled the extinguishing of millions of Jewish brothers in Germany during WWII. It happened. What did the Black Panther say as he was intimidating voters....kill the white babies. Wake up could be you croching down in a dark corner as you sweat, moan, and groan...with some threatening menace over your unsuspecting head. I pray not.

bill bailey

Obama and Kagan are the same as far as I am concerned. I trusted my "gut feeling" about Obama and he sure didn't disappoint me. I feel the same about Kagan. She will be an Obama only she will be wrapped in a Supreme Court Robe and she will be there for her lifetime not eight years. I hope our Senators will think very hard before confirming her.


Bill Bailey doesn't have to come home...he is already are next door. You may be black, white, polk a dot, Native doesn't matter. What really matters is what is in your heart...what you hold dear to yourself...what you would give your life for. That is the very center of what is "affecting" our everyday lives today...and what could happen just around the corner. Obama has a different philosophy about life and living. He believes that if a man works hard, achieves, makes a lot of money, owns property, runs a small business, etc.....he deserves to have a good chunk of those assets taken from him and given to folks who don't want to work. That is it's many forms and expressions...redistribution of wealth. To the majority of us raised to know what is right and wrong, it is called stealing. That is a Marxist, socialist, communist line of approach to life and living. That is Obama in it's simplest form. What will he do to force or mandate "his philosophy" of life and living on a populace, the majority of whom strongly reject that basic premise? My "gut" feeling....anything. He now involves your health and health the stealth and cover of night he "mandated" the head of medicare and medicaid as someone he knew as already stating from his mouth that "to him" it was definitely a form of redistribution of wealth. Another "Harvard" relative? Let us look at it this way....if through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac you "engineered" the sudden dumping of "toxic" mortgages...which "triggered" a "fall" in general confidence in the financial world, extending to Wall Street and stocks with a near total collapse. If a Marxist you would clap and cheer. Then, like a "see saw" you would tither..up and down...a little yes and a little no. Then, boom, out of the excuse of "saving most all of them", you flooded the economy with tons of spending, programs, giving away, shovel ready and census jobs...smiling all the while. Even a little booze, cig, and "cupid" $250, provoking a tremendous cheer and clap from the average nonworking entity, just to say thank you for voting for me. Add the oil spill destroying the coast of "conservative states"...and jumping on the defenceless citizens of set up the "ripeness" for the "Golden Horse", "The Big Free", "The Mother Lode"....why? Narcissism in it's most pathological form. Have you ever heard of a "down and outer" slapping a gift horse in the mouth...hell no...and for what? All for one single important thing to the Messiah...a vote. Just pulling the lever...particularly if some dude is standing over you with a baseball bat encouraging you to pull the lever in his direction. You are right Bill...keep the fire burning, as it is about to be snuffed out by the actions and reactions of a mysterious utopian dreamer spreading his delusional deceptions.


Baileys- I would highly recommend the book Nullification by Thomas Woods. You speak of Ginsburg being replaced by an Obamanite as the end of the is not. The Supreme Court only has the power to rule on "Federal" affairs. The federal/national/gerneral government was formed by the states as a tool for the states, subject to the states, which is a subject to the people. The people are sovereign. The historicaly and logical (as if logic mattered these days) valad principals in this book is our FIREWALL against Federal tyranny.


Walt, Have not read the book but will certainly get it. What puzzles me also, is that the State of Arizona...whose citizens are part of us and are suffering at the hands of illegals coming across the border...have essentially been "snubbed" by the federal government to the point that the state said we have had enough and now are acting in their own defense. I really see nothing wrong with that. When illegals start murdering, kidnapping, defacing, etc...the citizens should have a right to inquire to anyone some means of identification, and if there is a problem it could be handled in a very civil way. Anyone refusing, getting out of hand, should be arrested and thrown in jail. What is happening in the south these days is this...a group of Mexicans will scout a few small towns, and began to buy up any real estate that is available. As they buy, more becomes available, and pretty soon you have a Mexican town. These towns then become refuge spots for illegals to run to...where they will be taken care of and hidden as much as possible. Muslims are beginning to try a new twist. They will pool their funds and buy a farm. On this farm they will build a mosque. The farm will be gated such that it reflects a private nature. In the confines of this farm, hints at sharia law will begin to bud. Even at this time, Iran has much publicity concerning a very nice looking lady about to be stoned to death because of a suspicion of adultery. We don't stone folks to death in this country....and the building of mosque is the beginning of roots for sharia law. You can believe that any case reflecting on the limitations of construction, expression of any religious nature of Muslims will be given a favorable ruling by the Supreme Court. States rights seem to me to be taking a licking.

Philip France

I have been sitting in stunned silence reading Selwyn's profound articles and the subsequent commentary.

I offer my thanks to those of you not named Robert Berger for your rapier commentary and for your awareness of the grave danger that our Constitutional Republic is presently in.

Our nation can survive a radical extremist such as Obama and even lifetime appointments to our SCOTUS such as the radical lesbian Elena Kagan, whose nomination to the SCOTUS is akin to the nomination of me, with no engineering background whatsoever, to preside over the construction of a new Hoover Dam.

I urge ALL Selwyn Duke readers (including the abjectly absurd Robert Berger) to read this article:

As I began to say, our great nation can survive a radical extremist such as Barack Hussein Obama, II; but can it survive the idiots (and I choose this term carefully and considerately - withOUT condesencion) that voted for him?


God Bless you Philip France, and all those who think and feel as you do. "Surviving the idiots" will require a study and understanding that I wish I had. I guess it would have to begin with the technics used to persaude masses in believing a set of lies and delusional utopian promises oozing from the mouth of a well dressed, highly educated, very intelligent, velvet throated rock star. Put some Elvis in there and add some "benefits" of a psychopath, and the mixture would begin to take shape.....the appeal would take on an astonishing level of magnetism, hypnotic mystery of regard, and with the introduction of "hope", "change", "total transformation", and the many forms of "something for nothing" care from the cradle to the have the silver lining of bamboozlement, numbed up minds incapable of seeing beyond the level of gonads and the "mother lode" of the big free. LOL

Robert Berger

How can you nitwits here be so gullible as to believe anything written at that right-wing reactionary neanderthal website WND, run by that lying scoundrel and certified nut case Joseph Farah?
This is the loonie who fabricated the whole birther farce,and who is still conning people into thinking that Obama is some foreign-born "Manchurian Candidate", a communist,Muslim,a "radical", friend of over-th-hill 60s terrorists,and all that garbage.
And there is no proof that Kagan is a lesbian.Even if she is,who cares? She's still infinitely preferable to having
some homophobic right-wing religious fanatic who wants to turn America into a Christian theocracy on
the supreme court and who wants to make the government pry into our bedrooms.That's the type that frightend me and other sensible Americans,not Kagan.

Robert Berger

That should read "frightens" not "frightened.


Robert, you are a nut and an anti-Christian bigot. That is the only explanation for why you would fear something that doesn't even have a remote chance of happening.

Sticks n Stones

Mr. Berger, Last I heard, it was not the right that wanted more laws. More laws always mean less freedoms. If you're worried about Big Brother invading your bedroom, stop supporting him.

Not sure why it is so hard for the anyone to understand that we have been safe and secure all these years because the Constitution was followed by our government officials and changes were made through the proper process.

I'm also not sure why some cannot understand that the traditions and moral values of the past gave us the freedoms we have today; the freedoms that our government is willing to abolish.

Don't blame the right or left; we're doing this to ourselves. The left preach tolerance in diversity yet refuse to tolerate anyone that does not agree with their opinions and ideas.

The right clings to traditions and yet will relinquish those values if enough money is flashed in their direction.

It is ironic that the left says they don't want more laws and then the right says they don't want more laws, either. I ask myself, "Why are we getting more laws?" Crazy old world, isn't it?

Religious zealots come from all sides and faiths. If there weren't left-wing religious fanatics, I doubt Obama would have gotten elected. Just my opinion, of course, but I'm not dressed in black, welding a baton, and threatening to kill all cracker babies, either, so controlling and counting the votes ain't my thang.

Those men in black are not right-wing, but they certainly are religious zealots, and a danger to all.

Philip, Thanks for the heads-up on the WND article regarding the pitfalls of moral relativism. Did you notice that the good doctor hit every point Mr. Duke has already made in his articles?

Mr. Duke, another spot-on article. Keep the truth on the forefront and maybe, one day, one of your articles may open the eyes of the blind. This country sure could use more writers such as yourself.

Keep the Aspidistra flying!

Robert Berger

I'm not an "anti-christian bigot".I have no problem with people being Christian; my problem is only with those Christians who are narrow-minded,intolerant and self-righteous, and who want to impose their right-wing theocratic agenda on America. And believe me, these do exist,and there are a lot more than moist people realize.
Even Barry Goldwater, who by today's standards was not even really a conservative,said that the religious right"scared the hell out of him". It's even more dangerous today.
These right-wing Christian zealots,if not violent like Muslim fanatics, are still a grave threat to freedom in America.And they could definitely get more power in the wake of the savage backlash against Obama in 2112.
Be afraid.Be very afraid.Creeping theocracy must not be allowed to succeed.

Philip France

"my problem is only with those Christians who are narrow-minded,intolerant and self-righteous, and who want to impose their right-wing theocratic agenda on America."

Name one, you hopeless idiot.


OK Robert, let's get down to brass tacks. You say that there are Republicans who want a theocracy. OK. As Philip said, name ONE. Newt Gingrich? No. Bobby Jindal? No. Sessions, he's a right wiing guy. Uh, but no again.

Please name ONE and tell us where the person expressed the desire to create a theocracy and what they said. Put up or shut up.

Robert Berger

I could name dozens of right-wing religious extremists in America who would be a grave threat to religious and personal freedom in America if they got power,or were able to get certain right-wing politicos elected to the presidency.
Among them are such frightening people as Randall Terry,Alan Keyes, Michelle Bachmann,Jim De Mint,Joe Scheidler, Pat Robertson,Joseph Farah,Phyllis Schlafly,Jane Chastain,and many,many other people of the religious right.
I'm not opposed to Christianity per se, but I'm certainly oppposed to people like this.
Whatever his mistakes and failures as a president, Obama doesn't even come remotely close to being as dangerous as these fanatics.

Philip France

Robert Berger vomited this:

"Among them are such frightening people as Randall Terry,Alan Keyes, Michelle Bachmann,Jim De Mint,Joe Scheidler, Pat Robertson,Joseph Farah,Phyllis Schlafly,Jane Chastain,and many,many other people of the religious right."

Please explain how any of these individuals frighten you? What are you so afraid of? That they might enact a law against excessive masturbation? That they might indict you for your subscription to Playgirl Magazine? That someone might catch you corn-holing your cat?

Robert, you are an intellectual maggot whose ridiculous postings besmirch the otherwise intellectual dialog at this blogstream.


Sorry Robert, not close, no cigar. I asked you to not just throw names out there but to also tell us what they actually SAID. When has Keyes actually expressed support for theocratic government? Anyone can toss out names, maybe even a trained chimp.

The whole thing about American conservatism in case you haven't noticed, is that it has strong libertarian streaks. Even most Christian conservatives simply want gov out of their lives.

So put up or shut up. Tell us what those individuals have said that would make a sane person believe they want theocracy. Just because you believe something doesn't make it so.


John and Philip,
I think the only reason Robert Berger exists is because you allow him to. His argument does a fine job of refuting itself, however he wins; not the battle of the mind, mind you but the battle over your goat. He gets it every time. Do you really think he is trying to win an intellectual argument with you bahhh. You are being goaded, and he laughs like a school girl each time you lose your cool, and enter his realm of emotionalism. Just like a general of an inferior army may draw his foe into a geographical trap (i.e. gaining the high ground), so to does he drag the argument from fact and logic to emotion and conjecture.

Philip France

Walt, my dear friend.

While I appreciate your advice, I respectfully disagree.

Robert, and others like him, do not "exist[s] is because you allow him to". No. He exists as you and I and everyone else on this planet do and for the same puropose: that we should be to the praise of his (God's) glory (Ephesians 1:1-23). At his own peril, he not only disregards but impugns this high calling.

I have too much love for God, my family and friends and our great nation to allow his infantile and vile remarks to stand unrebutted.

You are acquainted with the famous quote that instructs us that for evil to prevail, good men do nothing.

I will not stand for Robert's delusional horsesh*t.

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