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September 01, 2010


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Good, throwem in jail. Thats where youd want to be if thats what it took to stand up for your beliefs. Right?

And whats with this "conscientious-objector" bullcrap? I can understand this is he was forced into it, but he joined willingly. "conscientious-objector" should only apply if there is a draft, and you were drafted. And seeing how hes only 20.......i think he missed the draft.

Philip France

Perhaps Pfc. Abdo completed basic training in order to comprehend the tactics in which Army soldiers wage war. Perhaps he intends to use these tactics AGAINST the very Americans that he pledged to protect and fight for.

That would be the logical conclusion for the turnabout in his stated ways and means. This man should be imprisoned as an enemy combatant. He should be vigorously interrogated until his intentions are made known. He should then be subject to a Military Tribunal and court martial and then he should be the guest of our government at Leavenworth.

Moslems cannot be trusted.

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