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September 05, 2010


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It is a sad report, one of the things I have always thought most valuable about French culture is their willingness to seperate religion and state. In France even more than America you are expected to be French first. Not sure how the rightwing balances this with their general distaste for the French anti Iraq war stance or their welfare policies? Interesting too how this becomes an issue as the French government (which is in trouble) is deporting Roma by the hundreds just now. I think their may be more than a little bait and switch happening.

Despite that I hate to see any society become more under threat by the religious.

Philip France

The religion of audacity.

It is time to cease speaking of and seeing Islam as a religion but rather a political ideology. A rather nasty one at that. Women in bee-keeper outfits. Honor killings. Female genital mutilation. Dhimmitude. Welcome back to the 7th Century.

This is not surprising, though as France devolved from a once-great Christian nation and culture that built the Arc d'Triompe and the Champs Ulyssses and became one of Europe's first Christophobic nations. Is not this the France of Rousseau and Robespierre, two of the earliest radical leftists and secular humanists?

Parlez vous Allahu Akbar.


This kind of stuff needs to stop everywhere! If they like to live in a Muslim state then stay where they are. I say stop Muslim immigration wherever it may be.

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