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October 13, 2010


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Laura L

Excellent piece.

Philip France

I will second Laura's statement that this is an excellent piece.

I will further add that another of my intellectual heroes, Professor Ellis Washington, has gone to great lengths at examining these points in detail. He is a law professor and he articulately and passionately decries the shift in American jurisprudence from NATURAL law (i.e. the laws of nature and nature's God that define morality) to POSITIVE law, or law that is based on a fluid societal evolution. What both Selwyn Duke and his intellectual brother both assert is correct: morality and truth are eternal and, as such, will stand regardless of whether or not they are acknowledged and adhered to. Positive law brings about chaos and violence.

Professor Washington's outstanding articles can be found by going to and typing "washington, ellis" in the search box. His archives are a treasure trove of brilliant writings and deep intellectual insight.

I also highly recommend his books. The most recent is: "The Nuremberg Trials: Last Tragedy of the Holocaust". His other book, which I have read and endorse is "The Devil is in the Details: Essays on Law, Race, Politics, and Religiion".

Professor Washington is also now a radio talk-show host. If you enjoy the wit and wisdom of Selwyn Duke, you will also enjoy the gentle voice and yet powerful message of Ellis Washington.

Thanks again to Selwyn Duke for another blockbuster article.


I agree. This an excellent piece providing healthy ammunition for the mind. Great work sir.

S. Wesley Mcgranor

Paleoconservatives' - are better libertarian's.

nfl authentic

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I was so put off by the opening fallacious argument that I had to cut and past my comment from intellectual conservative here...

How can you possibly equivocate an individual smoking crack to rape? One destroys the individual taking negative actions upon himself while the other is a violent attack on an innocent citizen. This is quite possibly the weakest argument I have read on this site.

Swing your arms all you want…so long as they don't hit somebody in the face. Smoking crack = swinging arms; Rape = hitting somebody in the face.

By the way, if you go the route of "well smoking crack has detrimental effects on society and the family of the addict", you are opening all kinds of doors for government intervention and thus cannot be in support of limited government.


Well I have got to say the article was pretty good but the premise was pretty bad. In this case it appears that Selwyn is confusing Libertarianism with Libertinism and is a gross misrepresentation of the true Libertarian. Yes there are a lot of single issue Libertarians like the dope smoking crowd, who are not Libertarians by intellect but by opportunity to perpetuate their agenda. Basic Libertarianism is pretty simple...the Golden Rule pretty much sums it up, but the entire concept takes a little deprogramming to get. Here is a link to a book written in 1850 by Fredric Bastiat, it is called "The Law" and it is a free download. I challenge you to read the first couple pages and walk away. This book will revive common sense you never knew you lost.

Secondly, I would recommend this you tube vid on Libertarian Theory (Walter Block)

Last I would like to say, I am a Libertarian, but still vote Republican most of the time...I am a realist and the realist in me says we are on defense now and the commiecrats must be stopped, but now is not the time for third party idealism. In the end however, libertarianism is conservatism matured.


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