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October 01, 2010


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See, this is what is wrong with liberals and liberal society. Rather than try to correct a childs behavior, they embrace what the child thinks it wants. A child, especially a 5th grader doesn't know what they want, and they are grooming him to focus on what he thinks he wants and get special treatment every time he doesn't get what he wants. This kid is obviously confused, he may not want to act like a boy, but he should be treated like one. He wants to play with barbies, wear dresses, etc? Fine. But you are still a boy. You aren't "transgender" yet. And when you are 18, and go through the entire process, THEN, you can have your prize. Being able to legally enter the woman's bathroom. Name some things in life that you get treated like the thing you will(or at least think) will have, get, or become. I think you'll find few, if any. "I'm going to run this company some day, so I get to make the decisions NOW" "One day, ill have a drivers license, so im gana go for a drive NOW"

Such sentiments would likely be met with objection.

But then of course, like the spoiled liberals they are, when they persue what they want or get what they want, and other people don't like it. Then start the insults, the whining, and the litigation. Liberals need to learn that choices have consequences. You wana be a woman when you were born a man cause you think it will make you happy? Fine. But now you get to deal with the consequences. Oh look, everyone thinks you are weird and is creeped out by what you did and you aren't happy cause of that. Oops. Guess it didn't make you happy, did it? You are just as miserable now. If ONLY everyone would bend the world to the way YOU want it, and be forced to accept you, THEN you could be happy. Oh judge!

News flash kiddies, life is misery if all you do is pursue your own personal desires. Getting what you desire doesn't alone make you happy. Ask tiger woods.

S Wesley Mcgranor

This is no shock, since the transition has been happening since the counter-culture. You seem as neoconservatives - unaware or abetting the dismantling of 'white male sexuality'.

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