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January 11, 2011


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A high school student

Thank you Mr.Duke for putting into words of what I believe about Obama. I especially like how you say that religion is very influential on a person's ideology. A very correct statement that many people overlook. I have been told many times to "leave my religion at the door", when talking about issues such as abortion, by my peers and some teachers that I used to have back at my old school. I cannot leave my religion behind me at any point, unless I denounce my faith. I will never denounce my faith be cause, as Mr.Duke says, it is directly incorporated with one's ideology. I believe that abortion is wrong due to my ideology and faith. Since ideology and faith are directly proportional, one's faith reflects on their outlook, and their outlook reflects on their faith. The reason that I am pointing out the painfully obvious about the these two similar truths, is that some people refuse to believe that Obama is (as Duke says) atheist. His actions and outlooks point clarify this.

The proof is right in front of our noses, it is just that some people the truth. It makes it very convenient for them.

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