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January 08, 2011


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Robert Berger

This isn't "attacking the family". It's just an egregious example of political correctness run amok.
Many liberals have nothing but contempt for this,including me.It's not a conservative or liberal thing.
Michele Obama's "nanny state"? Many conservatives want their own kind of nanny state which is no better,if not far worse. They want the government to tell us what books,magazines, movies and TV shows we may read, what films,DVDs,and TV programs we may watch,want to censor all these things for sexual content they find offensive,want public schools to force kids to sit through Chrsitian prayers and Bible readings even if theey come from non-christian homes,
want to force kids in school to be taught idiocy like creationism to be taught in schools as scientific fact,
want the government to take away the rights of homosexuals and even persecute them,to make contraceptives illegal, keep the government in women's uteruses and much much more which is infinitely worse than what liberals want the government to do.

Poster number 2 (HS Student)

Thank you Mr.Duke for this information. It makes me wary that there is this massive attack on old American values that will be replaced by the new intrusive ones (if nothing is done). By the way, Mr. Berger, "political correctness running amok" includes attacking the family as well. Political correctness is just a tool created by the left to institute their own agenda claiming that it is in "America's" best interest. You might buy it but I (and many others) won't.


Robert, I think it's a bit silly but not correctness run amok. What about the many families where divorce or adoption play a role?
This is not neccesarily a gender free decision, it appears to me to be more about blended families. PS although my beliefs are totally in support of all types of families I'm one of those very boring people who have been engaged since they were 18 and still married with kids at 44.


Cultural Marxism, Gramsci's plan

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