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January 22, 2011


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Philip France

Dear Selwyn,

How can you refer to this ghoul as "Dr."? What became of the Hippocratic oath (Doctor, first do no harm)? This news is tragic and utterly reprehensible.

Those who advocate for "Choice" and "reproductive freedom" all have the blood of these nascent children on your hands.

A human embryo is the beginning of the highest form of life: the human being. For you to dismiss this as a "choice" is an insult and an offense to the concept of "choosing".

I have had the great fortune of observing sonograms of both of my two children. I was present in the operating room when my precious daughter was born. I saw her take her very first breath as a newborn human being and I was the very first human being to hold this precious new life with my loving arms (The OB/GYN Doctor handed her to me immediately after her delivery by Caesarian section). I cannot fathom ANYTHING more profound.

To read about this sinister ghoul and his evil colleagues has me nearly speechless. May this soulless bastard die a thousand painful deaths and may his accomplices suffer equally as many. To those of you that advocate for this evil cause, may you open your eyes and heart to the most abject and utter evil that can be perpetrated against another living being.

Robert Berger

Selwyn,you conveniently fail to mention that Gosnell is in no way typical of doctors who perform abortion in America. What he did was horrendous, but the overwhelming majority of doctors who perform abortions NEVER do anything like what he has done.
The vast majority of abortions are performed early in a pregnancy long before a fetus has even developed a nervous system that is able to feel pain at all,and in the rare cases where late term abortions are done because of serious medical complications,doctors use anesthestics to prevent suffering.
But if abortion ever becomes illegal again in America,horrific incidents like the one caused by Gosnell will be much,much more common.
The illegality of abortion will no more "end" it than Prohibition ended the consumption of alcohol in America. It won't be "safe,legal and rare", but unsafe,illegal and common.
If America is to do anything about the tragedy of abortion,it must create conditions in society where women are far less likely to seek and obtain them.
But this would require massive funds to provide help for poor pregnant women to provide for their children,born and unborn,which is something conservatives don't want to do because it would supposedly be"socialism".
They want to have their cake and eat it. To make abortion illegal and expect poor women and their families to fend for themselves. What brazen hypocrisy!
Anti-choicers don't give a you-know-what about the unborn after they're out of the womb.

Philip France


You do not know what the hell you're talking about. Please go away.


Robert says:"What he did was horrendous, but the overwhelming majority of doctors who perform abortions NEVER do anything like what he has done."

Like suck out a live fetus from a women and extinguish its life?

Robert , your a sick f*ck with no fathom of morality. Go ahead, humor us with your responses. Or better yet, go away from this site.

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