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January 29, 2011


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Philip France

Excellent article Mr. Duke. You have such a splendid gift with words. There are some terrific comments posted after the TNA artcile.


Selwyn, I am glad you are writing on this topic. I have been working towards this Nullification act here in Idaho since July. Tomorrow I will testify in front of the House Committee in favor of Obamacare Nullification. If you haven't read it yet, Thomas Woods wrote an excellent book on the topic called "Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century” It is awesome!!!

A high school student

I give you thanks for your effort Walt. Sorry for being nosy, but how did your testify go?


@ High school Student,

The postponed the hearing untill next Wednesday. I do not know the reasons but I have a hunch it is to throw us mad dogs off the blood trail. It is not going to work however, it is only giving us more time to put down mindless objections. It is funny because some people are getting fanaticaly emotional in response...they are using words like treason. Putting down the opponents to nullification are like shooting fish in a barrel. The only chance they have is to yell their lies louder than the truth and with greater repatition and greater emotion. This has worked in the past, and works at the National level all of the time but at a state level where the power is closer to the people, facts and logic have a greater chance of winning out over volume and emotion.


The Obamacare Nullification bill in Idaho H-117 passed the House Affairs committie 14-5. The next step is the full hoouse. We are expecting it to be voted on this week.

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