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January 11, 2011


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Robert Berger

Oh come on,Selwyn,it's the pot calling the kettle black again.
Various right-wing bloggers and so-called "experts have also been blaming this senseless tragedy on the left too, and have been making spurious claims about the pathetic lunatic who went on a mindless rampage
being a liberal and follower of Karl Marx etc.
Loughner is a stark raving lunatic.That's all.Insanity happens.
And like typical right-wingers,many conservative dimwits are calling for Loughner to be executed immediately. Deranged people should not be executed.
That's barbaric,and it won't stop other sickos from committing similar atrocities anyway.
The death penalty is wrong,period.

Philip France

Take it from our resident "expert", Robert.

It is people that think like Robert that supported Robespierre and Rousseau who brought about the French Revolution, whose "unintended" consequence was the bloody Reign of Terror. Result? Hundreds of thousands murdered and the loss of a once-great Empire.

It is people that think like Robert that supported the Bolshevik revolution that led to Lenin-Trotsky and the Communist formation of the U.S.S.R. Result? Hundreds of millions of innocents dead - either through outright murder or starvation.

It is people that think like Robert that supported the demonization of Senator Joseph McCarthy for identifying Kremlin operatives that had infiltrated our Department of State and even our White House. McCarthy was exonerated by Yeltsin's release of the Venona decrypts showing he was nearly 100% correct in his hearings. Result? The radicalization of our academia, our judiciary, or major news media and our body politic with Marxists and heretics to our Constitution.

It is people that think like Robert that supported the rise of Nazism and Fascism in Europe and Communism in Eastern Europe. Result $500 million dead.

It is people that think like Robert that supported the Vietnam War protested, a war that was won by the U.S. at the Paris Peace Accords but was given away by a Democrat-majority Congress. Result? Millions upon millions of corpses in the killing fields of South Vietnam and Cambodia. A half-million South Vietnamese and Cambodian boat people in Davey Jones' Locker.

It is people that think like Robert that supported the ban on DDT based on a fraudulent book ("Silent Spring") by Rachel Carlson. Result? Millions dead in sub-Saharan Africa.

It is people that think like Robert that supported the attack on American corporations through punitive regulations masked as "environmentalism" that was and is actually anti-capitalist Marxism. Result? When was the last time that you bought something with "Made in America" on its label? What is our current unemployment rate and where have all the jobs gone?

It is people that think like Robert that supported the radical Marxist and Pan-Leninist Obama that is breaking our Nation at the joints and crippling our once-robust economy and who continue to support this treasonous America-hater despite all of the evidence to the contrary.

Let's add this up: It is people that think like Robert that supported the murder and imprisonment of hundreds of millions of human beings. It is people that think like Robert that supported the attacks of free-market enterprise (under the guise of "environmentalism" and "social justice") that has led to the exodus of hundreds of millions of employment opportunities for Americans.

May the jury at render its verdict?


Doesnt change the fact that the overall point of the article highlights the lefts hypocrisy. When it points into the direction of a leftie, or a muslim its "we cant jump to conclusions, clearly this was just some crazy guy acting alone!"

But when it can be pointed to a right wing person (turns out hes not even right wing) suddenly its everyone elses fault.

Sorry, but you cant dodge this one. You lose.

And no, death penalty is not wrong. And it doesn't matter if it doesn't stop anyone from committing crimes ( it in fact does). Punishments primary purpose isn't to teach OTHERS a lesson, its to punish the person who committed the offense. Any deterrence is merely a side benefit.

A high school student

My verdict is that the plaintiff (Mr. France) is correct. I have read many of Mr.Robert's posts, and they seem to follow the similar mindset of the people mentioned in the previous post. The evidence is there, therefore the verdict rests that the points that Mr. France has given are correct.

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