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January 27, 2011


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Philip France

Great article, Mr. Duke.

Consider this: We have radical Marxist and an inexperienced sophist and socialist as the leader of the United States, and, by extension, the most powerful man in the world.

From a spiritual perspective (assume yourself to be God's arch-enemy, Satan here), would you not agitate to inspire the intellectually weak and the mentally disordered toward violence of this sort?

Chaos, confusion, the attempted assassination of a political moderate to further the dialog of gun-control advocates. The horrific politicization of the incident to blame a lovely Alaskan woman, the TEA Party and talk-radio (which recently inspired a landslide of political disruption).

We wrestle not against flesh and blood, my friends. This is spiritual wickedness descending from high places. The devil, Satan, is to blame and he is emboldened by the fact that our nation collectively elected a man with an evil ideology to our highest office.

The fun never stops. In fact, it is presently in high gear. God help us.

Robert Berger

Phil,what you're saying is simply ludicrous. You're making it sound as though this madman Loughner was inspired by left-wing propaganda to commit that horrendous crime.
Insanity happens. Madmen will use any excuse to do terrible things.And don't think that a right-wing lunatic who idolized Limbaugh and company could not have done something similar.
Obama is NOT a Marxist or socialist,let alone a communist. Don't believe all that ridiculous right-wing propaganda.He's no more a Marxist than Ronald Reagan. He's not trying or planning to turn America into another totalitarian communist dictatorship.
Why do you believe all that hysterically paranoid right-wing blather you've been hearing?
It's too early to know what the long-term effects of his presidency will be,but whatever they are,a communist America won't be one of them.
You remind me of those 19th century yokels gawking at the fraudulent wares of some snake oil salemsman.
Rush Limbaugh,Glenn Beck,Sean hannity,Anthrax Coulter,Mark Levin et al are the latter day equivalent of those travelling quacks.
If any one is a threat to America,it's right-wing extremist idiots like Michele Bachmann,Jim DeMint,
et al. They're the ones Americans should be afraid of.
They're a bunch of theocratic,narrow-minded,intolerant, and ignorant rubes.They will destroy America by destroying the safety net for the unfortunate in America,giving too much power to the religious right,persecuting gay people,and limiting the freedom on non-christians.
If the Democrats put up a Presidential team of Bo the dog and a banana against any of these dim-witted Neanderthals,I would still vote Democrat.

Philip France

Go away Robert.

You post at this site where people come to hear sound social, moral and political observations and commentary by a brilliant writer and thinker.

You besmirch the quality of the dialog here with your lunacy and idiocy. Trust me on this: No one that reads Selwyn because they admire his observations and eloquence agrees with you. All of the same pity you for your outrageous misunderstanding of issues and events. I believe that I speak on behalf of all of Selwyn's loyal readers that largely agree with and support his commentary when I say that we all want you to please go away.

By the way, some time ago I followed the advice of friends that I met here and I stopped reading your posts. I merely scan them for your usual keywords of facile and infantile opinions.

Once again I implore you: Please go away.

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