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January 12, 2011


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Robert Berger

More obfuscation and specious arguments,Selwyn. Dupnik may have been premature in blaming the right-wing media for the Arizona tragedy, but he was absolutely right in observing how ruthless,power-hungry,unscrupulous
and manipulative conservative blowhards like Limbaugh,Hannity,Savage,Malkin,Coulter,Levin et al ARE guilty to a considerable extent of causing an atmosphere of conservative paranoid hysteria and inflaming certain wackos into doing awful things.
But conservatives have also blamed Loughner's insane deed on liberalism and left-wing propaganda too,which is ludicrous. Loughner is not a liberal,but a madman.
It's the pot calling the kettle black.
And there is not one shred of evidence that Obama is or ever has been a Marxist,or that he is or was a follower of William Ayers. When Ayers started his terrorist campaign,Obama was a boy of wight, and he has never condoned Ayers actions in any way,shape or form. Poppycock.False accusations and guilt by association. Obama served with Ayers for some time on the board of a University in Chicago, and they have met each other a number of times.That's all.That's the extent of their association. Obama is NOT a left-wing terrorist or supporter of them.
But do right-wing blowhards like you care about this? No. If some one makes an unsupportaed accusation against Obama,you automatically and stupidly accept it without thinking further. You are proof that the only mental exercize most conservatives get is jumping to conclusons.

A high school student

Let me save you some effort Mr. Berger. I have read every Selwyn Duke Article that has been posted on this site since I started commenting. I have read every one of your arguments (which pretty make up all of your posts) against what Duke has said. We (both posters and readers) understand that you don't agree with what he says...from the first three. After about five, it is pretty pointless because it just becomes an obsession and I really think you need help. I am not kidding at all. Try to go outside and play with your dog or cat or what ever you have as a pet. Go make a picket sign for Gay Right Advocates, or what ever you support. This consistent blathing is not going to convince anyone of anything. You have no real information that support your arguments, and if you happen to skate on the border line of something that is feasibly a understandable argument (which is about 99.99 percent of the time) you say something in the next sentence that is obviously an opinionated statement. I have one question for you (rhetorical of course). If you really truly believe what you say about government and its practices and what they are doing is right, then why bother even arguing what is posted on this site? You should be confident with yourself that the best is being done and the right-wing is full of buffoons. But I don't think that is the case. I don't think that you are entirely confident that what is being done is what is best. You are too stubborn (believe me I am too) and arrogant to admit the fallacy of the left. If you are a true American citizen, if you love this country, if you are willing to go against the evils that plague this nation, you would see what Selwyn sees, you would see what every traditional American citizen sees. If you do not agree with this. You either stupid, crazy, or want to live in a totalitarian society.

You don't have to respond to this, I don't care what you have to say about me, I don't care about how "conservative" you say I am, what I do care is that you ponder what I have said seriously. I do not hate you sir, I care about you because you are my brother, you are still part of this nation like anyone else. I am just seriously worried about you.
Enjoy your weekend and your holiday.
A high school student

Robert Berger

I'm not a left-winger in any way,and I certainly don't advocate totalitarian government in any way.
I never said that our government is right about everything.Hell no,it isn't. I condemn the government when it does something wrong whether liberal Democrats or conservative Republicans are responsible.
But you conservatives here are always calling for "freedom" while actually advocating a government which is anything but free.If you guys ever get your way, America will be a country where homosexuals are not only denied rights but persecuted, and abortion will be illegal.It won't be "safe,legal and rare", but unsafe,illegal and common.
The economy will not improve. The rich will just get richer,and the poor pooere,and more and more of the middle class will sink helplessly into poverty,and there will be nothing to help them.
There will be religious freedom-if you happen to be Christian. The government will be free to censor and ban any book,magazine,television program,film etc it finds sexually offensive, and contraceptives will very possibly become illegal,only increasing the number of abortions,and a black market in contraceptives will emerge, and unsanitary and unsafe back-alley abortionists will do a thriving business,killing and maiming many poor pregnant women,while the poorest kill themselves with self-inflicted abortions.
With "freedom" like this,who needs tyranny?

As usual, Mr. Duke, your comments are far from specious. Nor are they obfuscating in the slightest. Such a condemnation can only come from those who are blinded to the truth and who have not intention of knowing about or living under the authority of the Constitution. Morality is subjective to them because they have no standard by which to judge. They refuse to uphold and defend our Constitution and count their vows to be far from sacred and to be merely ineffectual words. Hatred for the truth has always been with us. It's just that now there are so many that hate good and love (and even adore) evil.

Dupnik is a shameless liberal and needs to be booted from office by those who love liberty and who want to be able to protect themselves from the hordes of immigrants who are destroying Arizona (and other places, of course). We can be assured that he will fight against our Second Amendment rights with alacrity and do all this is possible to aid and abet criminals and their crimes.

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