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January 05, 2011


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Robert Berger

Selwyn,you've hit a new low in stupidity and bigotry. Gays are NOT a threat to the military.You aren't even bright enough to realize that they have served in the military all over the world from the very beginning without causing any damage to either the military or society in general.
The notion that gays are crazed,lustful monsters who are out to seduce every heterosexual,and that they would be a threat to the military is asinine.
But because of the rampant homophobia in America,allowing them to serve openly WOULD be a problem,not becuase of the gays, but because of the bigotry they would face from fellow soldiers and homophobic superior officers.
In Europe and Isarael,gays serve openly in the military with absolutely no problems,simply because people there are much more tolerant than many Americans.
Look at Israel.That little country has to have a top notch military ready to fight at any moment in order to keep it from destruction by hostile neighbors. Why would they allow gays in the military if they were the kind of sinister threat you portray American gays as?
If blather could earn people money, you would be richer that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combined.


Congrats Selwyn, You have hit a new low in Robert Bergers must be doing something right.

Philip France

Robert Berger has claimed to be a classical musician. Bravo, I love classical music. (Cue up Handel's "Messiah" please).

However, it appears that his instrument of expertise is a pink oboe.

Robert, you are insane. Seek help. Read "Orthodoxy" by G. K. Chesterson. This might heal your troubled mind. Read The Epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians. This might be the solution for your self-hatred that you seem intent on projecting to the rest of us (to no avail). Discover how much you are loved rather than lash out at how badly you hate yourelf and how you think that the righteous and logical are to blame. You are a mid-life hopeless child who should have dismissed the concept of "fairness" after the 5th grade.

Lastly, Selwyn's musings should be taken with alarm and vigilence. Great article.


Robert was smart to choose the example of Israel, loved of the Christian right, but he could equally have picked any educated country. None have had problems with openly gay people serving. Every military partner of America has opnly gay soldiers. Despite Phil's comment about classical music (Handel was a wife beater BTW), gays in the military is not a new phenomenon and has never been the corruptive force you say you fear.

A High School Student

This is another great article by Mr. Duke. The way of destroying the military foundations by introducing the opposite of those foundations is correct. I have heard this before from multiple sources including some of the midshipmen from an engineering program that I attended over the summer at the Naval Academy. This degradation of the military is troublesome to me, but I am still wanting to attend the Naval Academy. If there are still good men in the service, then I will join to keep the numbers up because I love the armed forces and I would hate for the values that they teach to become fabricated. The academies are some of the last true conservative sources of education and one of the few places to have their roots set in Christianity.

By the way Mr. France, good choice with G.K. Chesterton. He is one of my favorite authors and I have read some of his works. I still haven't read "Orthodoxy", but my father has a copy so I will read that along with the Epistle you have mentioned. I second your notion for Mr. Berger to read these. Although I think it wouldn't do much in this case, I think he is too ignorant to find the correct message.

Robert Berger

Yes,I was a professional freelance French hornist for many years and have played in numerous orchestras,concert bands,opera companies and chamber ensembles under many,many different conductors,including some well-known ones,and I was also a substitute music teacher in the Long Island public schools,among other things.I'm currently doing work trying to increase the popularity of classical music in America and have been doing classical music programs for eldery and infirm people and those with disabilities such as cerebral palsy etc.
My blog,called simply The Horn,is at the website,a website with blogs and forums on a wide variety of topics,and I cover all aspects of classical music for it;orchestral,operatic,choral, music history,famous composers and performers, current events in the field etc.
Phil France,if you love classical music then you're not without redeeming qualities.I'm nothing you claim I am. I'm perfectly happy being a non-observant secular Jew,and I'm not opposed to Christians or Christianity per se,but only to the poisonous agenda of the some of them,namely the religious right and its followers.
I'm not opposed to any individual religion; just theocracy.
And Handel was not a wife beater. He never married in the first place,and there has been speculation about him being gay,although this has not been proved.
Not much is known about his private life anyway.


Apologies Robert my bad I've made the common problem of conflating Handel with Hayden (altho I was told similar re Bach. My point flawed tho it was is that just because a point of view, or its' author,is old does not give it a moral gravitas. Slavery was never a moral process no matter how old the concept.

Gay people working hard and honerably in the military is no big deal and no real soldier is scared of it.


"Gay people working hard and honerably in the military is no big deal and no real
soldier is scared of it."

Why do liberals always attribute the terminology of fear to the opposition of leftist diktat? Couldn't it be that one is simply opposed on moral grounds?


Why would you be scared little Jd to have a brave gay person at your side? I would be honoured to have anyone who would risk their life on such morally nebulous areas and I wouldn't spent 10 seconds wondering what they were doing with their genitals. I worry about pweople like selwyn and yourself who are focused on people's plumbing.

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