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March 05, 2011


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Robert Berger

I just read this awful fear-mongering screed the other day out of curiosity after I found it at my local library. This book is pure paranoid poppycock.
Any one who takes it seriously is either pathetically naive or an idiot.
It's nothing but mindless anti-obama rhetoric and a pack of distortions and lies.
Savage is a nothing but a lying,unscrupulous and power-hungry demagogue who is leading millions of intelectually chalenged Americans by the nose
While I believe in free speech and don't want this dreadful book to be censored,
I'm appalled that so many gullible conservatives dimwits are falling for the garbage in this piece of trash.

Philip France


Dr. Michael Savage has earned two Master's Degrees and a PhD. from the University of California at Berkeley. What credentials can you cite that merit your criticism?

It is YOU that is mindless and if by now you do not understand that Obama is taking this country apart joint-by joint you belong in Pyon Yang. I will gladly pay for your one-way ticket.

Robert Berger

Savage's degrees are in the sciences,not politics. He's an expert on things like nutrition. Does that make him qualified to criticize Obama? Hardly.
He's like Chicken Little sceaming about the sky falling.Savage is nothing but an unscrupulous,fear-mongering deamgogue.
It's not Obama who is the threat to America,but right-wing extremist Bible-thumping deamgogues like Jim DeMint,Michelle Bachmann, Newt Gingrich,Mike Hucksterbee and their ilk. Whatever his faults,Obama must be re-elected or America will be lost.


You're so naive, Berger! What if the whole nutritionist thing is just a cover story. What if Savage knows much more than the history of political movements?

What if he knows how to control peoples' perception, how to read peoples' minds and how to tell whether or not the president of someone's country get's enough zinc in his diet, or has hepatitus or is cyanotic due to pallor>

What if he could look at you, Robert Berger, know that you have low self-esteem because you slouch, don't eat enough vegetables because your skin is bumpy and know that you vote straight Democrat because the glazed look in your eyes reveals a total incapacity for independent thought?

What if, Berger, what if.


While Savage's area of expertise is clearly in the sciences, it doesn't mean he knows nothing about politics. How are "right-wing extremist Bible-thumping deamgogues" a threat to America, and how is Obama not? Obama has more power than anyone else, and he hasn't really made things better. In fact, he's done the opposite.

Robert Berger

I can't think indepenedently ? That's a laugh ! Whatever my faults,inability to think indepependently isn't one of them.
Yes, I do vote Democrat, not because the Democrats are perfect(they sure as heck aren't!),but because the Repugnicans are infinitely worse. The current crop of Republican Presidential hopefuls is beyond horrible. The thought of any of them other than Mitt Romney becoming President makes me mess my pants !
These people are America at its worst. A bunch of ignorant,narrow-minded,intolerant,self-righteous Neanderthal goons. And it's an insult to the original Neandertthals on ancinet times to call them that,because the original Neanderthals were no doubt far more intelligent.
The Republicans are conservatives,they're bunch of thoecratic fanatics who are always yelling "we must take America back!" To what? The dark ages? What has America come to?
The fact that so many inbred Hillbilly ignoramuses have been elected to the Senate and House is absolutely terrifying. Obama has more intelligence and good judgement in one hair on his head than all these obnoxious creeps have combined.


Robert, Dems good, Reps bad, is not independent thinking.

As for what those purported college educated often law degree holding hillbillies in congress are doing, if they are orthodox, they are taking the country back to the loose federation of states it was intended to be. This is done so that the majority of residents in a state can have representational government. Otherwise, states like California, Florida & even Texas can dictate how everyone else lives. Is that fair? Was our constitution designed so that a bunch of nutjobs or old folks or rednecks could determine the circumstances of your existence in another state? NO!

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