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April 25, 2011


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My working definition of art has always been, “if I can do it it’s not art. Or to put it another way, if I look at something that is supposed to be art and think, “Anybody could do this”, then it’s not art. When I read one of Selwyn Duke’s articles I almost always agree with him. So much of what he says is commonsense, at least it’s commonsense after I’ve read it and thought about it a little. However, I don’t think Selwyn proved his argument that good, moral people would always see beauty in the same things. Also, I’m not at all sure that art always has to be beautiful.

I can listen to some music, jazz comes to mind, that I really don’t care for, but I can still appreciate the artiste’s skill and talent. It does not seem to me that it needs to be beautiful of uplifting to be true art. As an example someone might paint a picture of an outhouse, I might not like to subject matter but depending on the artistes talent I would have no problem calling it art.

Again, I don’t have to like it for it for it to be art, but it does have to have real skill and talent in its making.

Sam No

Selwyn, when is your book coming out. You've been working on it for 10 years?


Pope Ben mentioned Easter something poignant about finding reason within creation. Obama mentioned Easter not once, a play to holiday relativism. My friends and family enjoy racing by running - (Selwyn's a tennis fan no doubt with what kind of backhand?) Somehow i want to tie it all together to make a point, something about The Fall and seeing through a fish bowl or something, o i don't know. in my shoe and maybe a rodent infestation in my attic walls.

Brother - won't you reason with me? You will not you say? But Why!? O you will to lop off my top? God is Great? ...He we go again.

Reason fails always yet we are to pursue it, go forth and subdue, enjoy fruits of labor.
The communists make me a pacifist peasant because free will and bills are A B*tch...
...but we've got a 5k coming up, so i'll just run, run...just run.
i'll just run and chase answers and wind as i'm trying to catch my own,
achieve a runner's fix,
at Jim Fixx's house where there is no attic mouse.

Selwyn, your efforts are appreciated.
We read you aloud over dinner this evening - well, after dinner, with a Dale.
Keep it up - although as Dale said - it's like chasing wind debunking this relativism sourdough.

Honestly i hate running - it's too much of an internal competition.
external competition is better - as with tennis Selwyn!... it's easier, right? a winner and a loser. yes no up and down. wrong and right.
this is why America is obsessed with professional sports and singing and dancing competitions - it's something (is it art?!) with answers around good and bad...then the sloth sets in we've abandoned God it seems obsessed with taste.

this philosophizing, this reasoning talk of art and stinking lack of a yard stick's scale...
this relativismizing ripens me for a fall into a communistic paradise ruled by Lord Barry(s) where the closest thing we get to fire and light of Truth is lighting a cigarette and consume, consume ourselves, away from the middle way.

is my rambling artful? i didn't think so, well not really all the time, yea probably 95% of the time it's drek anybody could do it... i have to go catch attic varmint....

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