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May 09, 2011


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red state blues

I enjoyed watching this guy. Though I certainly needed the English translation provided, I just can't help thinking this tirade was much more effective in German than it ever could've been in English. This guy Stadler made numerous good points: one of my favorites being that the Turkish government criminalizes derogatory remarks about Turkey.

That horrific murder of an archbishop reminded me of some other evidence I've read and heard about the criminality of Muslim immigrants in other countries. One guy from the UK even registered shock at how much better Muslim immigrants are thought of in the US than anywhere else. Here's hoping we never have reason to think otherwise.

The few who benefit from liberal immigration policies could care less about the consequences to the rest of us as Stadler alluded to in pointing out one of the Austrian parliament members. Unfortunately I have no idea how to go about making the direct connection to how much an elite gains financially by encouraging immigration from one or more of these relatively hostile countries. Logically, however, it can only be the case that money and not the need for human capital is the true motive behind immigration policies that are lowering the quality of life in Western nations.


wow my dad is German and i swear Austrians and Germans are straight shooters.
Good for them these guys have balls and they are real men:)

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