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May 14, 2011


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A Cynic

Great article, Selwyn. I can't help thinking if experts, journalists, politicians, etc, continue distorting reality or outright lying to gain an advantage, the more naive among us will end up turning whichever way the wind blows while the more sophisticated will mostly be paranoid about the sincerity and reliability of anyone they meet.

Due to a bizarre convergence of circumstance and events, I've ended up being the target of much wild speculation myself; which, on at least one occasion, left me baffled at just why a person I barely knew was so certain the wrong details about me were the right ones.

I have become very aware that it's not only the human need to rationalize (when the facts are inconvenient) responsible for the reality relativism apparent in society today but some very deliberate use of political strategies by those who seem to know exactly how many times telling a lie will get it taken as the truth.

Fortunately, it may not be too difficult to keep someone grounded morally with some strict instruction on how to respond to what may be nothing more than rumors. I must admit, however, I haven't always demonstrated the right response upon becoming aware of reality distortion affecting my life. Though it's so easy to see in hindsight how the situation I experienced would've been greatly ameliorated by my using a more appropriate strategy despite hurt feelings and frustration.

The distortion of research in science or in the surveys that we rely on experts to provide us is another matter. The sky might just be falling but, since the disaster we've been told is coming was manufactured to inspire fear rather than valid information, I've begun to wonder if we could all end up starving or dying for a completely unsuspected reason. This being because there was no value in real research/observation because it wasn't tied to a political agenda.

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