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June 13, 2011


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red state blues

Fascinating. The citizens who protested were much more intelligent and lucid than any of the council members, including Mr. Kamyar "Merits of my ideas always better than what the majority thinks of them" Enshayan. Does this have anything to do with how our decisions have ever been made at the local or state level? Not to mention it isn't logical. The least of your expenses in a fire are the broken window or door. How scary that these people have to take this to a higher court.

Philip France

I think that it would be prudent for me to open a business that specializes in the sales of axe-handles, pitch-forks and lanterns; as well as the United States of America and Gadsen flags. The inmates are running the asylum.


Government demanding keys to your private property in the name of "Protection." We need to wake up!

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