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August 04, 2011


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Philip France

This issue should be taken up by the Congressional Caucasian Caucus. If there were such a thing.

red state blues

'"In Brazil's state of Sao Paulo, more than two-thirds of the potatoes and 90 percent of the tomatoes produced were produced by people of Japanese ancestry."'

Interesting though I've never known tomatoes to be difficult to grow...

Speaking of the appalling lack of actual white privilege, I was wondering about your take on the availability of jobs. How do we have enough of them so that even we non preferred caucasian types might have a chance at one?

I know you've mentioned wives returning to homemaking at least in part as a solution to competition for jobs as well as to do a better job of caring for families. Just reading an article on the dim job prospects for law school grads (and fearing someone desperately needing to find a reason to sue me to generate business) it occurred to me that a whole range of people from low skilled to highly educated might be needing jobs at the same time. I've looked at the back covers of some of a handful of new books clamoring for us to create manufacturing jobs in the US again but otherwise economists insist that we can forget about such nonsense and offer the vague hope of education that will prepare us for some kind of work that does, in fact, exist though all related articles fail to mention specific job titles. Any ideas?

A High School Student

What is really going on in this country is that the government is trying to create a race war that will pit the people against themselves and to segregate the nation into smaller groups of people that have common ground with each other. By doing this, it will slowly cause the effectiveness of causing change in the government because there will not be any majority in any group that will be able to have the strength to challenge the government. If there is any majority, (it will not be white any longer if you look at the drastically changing demographics) the government will placate their wants and to try to keep them pitted against trying to create unity with other groups that have differing ethnicity. I see this in the media and from the types of legislation that have been voted on. Maybe I am crazy, it sounds crazy to me, but if a white man has to resign from his job reading an Anti-KKK book, I would not be surprised that this is the truth. Am I wrong?

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