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August 15, 2011


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Robert Berger

America is now "more communist than China ? Oh come on now.This statement is beyond idiotic. America is no more communist than the Pope is pro-choice, Mahnoud Ahmedinijad
is pro-Israel and a Jew, Fred Phelps is gay rights activist , and I am Santa Claus..
How can any one be stupid enough to make such a stupefyingly ludicrous claim ?
Conservatives today don't even know what communism actually is. Or socialism and Marxism. They just use these terms indiscriminately to describe any one who disagrees even slightly with their right-wing extremist views.
And as Selwyn Duke is stupid enough to be a member of the ridiculous and long-discredited John Birch society, which is still paranoid about he non-existent threat of communism coming to America, how can you take anything he writes seriously ?
Yes, capitalism is the best economic system, but not the bad form of capitalism which so many conservatives want in America today. The brutal laissez-faire, dog eat dog,every man for himself kind where there is no safety net for the unfortunate and if you're down on you're luck,you're screwed. This is no better than communism.

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