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January 30, 2012


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You gotta wonder about the fathers of these neuter-boys. I've sometimes wondered just how many gays and lesbians feigned heterosexual marriages in acts of suburban subversion. I think this could explain some weirdness in the families of a few of my classmates from high school. ;0)

They tried the gender-neutral upbringing with me as a female, except my dad wouldn't allow my mom to give me a boy's first name though he wanted me to like sports and got me a hotwheels set without my making the request. Then my grandmother kept buying me dolls and I sat around and made mud pies when I was outside. I'm thinking these boys are young yet which means some of their natural masculine tendencies may out before they're grown without anybody being able to do a darn thing about it.

Selwyn Duke

Well, Misty, we would certainly hope that these boys could emerge from this perversion unscathed, but as the 11-year-old boy raised by two lesbians who is initiating a "sex change" shows, it isn't something we'd want to bet on. "As the twig is bent, so grows the tree."


selwyn, while I think this SET of parents are a bit deluded. Kids will go their own way no matter what we as parents do. I think you comment regarding correct parentin as making males hyper males and females hyper females similar to a child with a musical gift is somewhat specious. 50% of the population have a gift for being male? is not equivalent to a talent. Either way i think you are shooting fish in a barrel. So can we see an article about how much damage the Duggans do to their children next? Lack of attention over work etc etc etc.

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